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Aug 28, 2002
6 days until the season opens and wanted to take the time to say thanks. I am new to Deer hunting and am learning every time I step into the woods. I have gotten some great pointers, tips and advise in here during the off-season and feel like I am more prepared this year than I have ever been. I have not taken a deer with a bow (or gun for that matter) and hope to have some pics to post soon. Thanks again for the advise and guidance.
Good luck to ya.
Best of luck to you buckfish. You know we are all pulling for you (get it, pulling for you

Alright, bad joke. Anyway I am sure this will be your year. Make sure you keep us updated throughout the season.
Hey all...the weekend was a bust. We got up opening morning and had come off of a massive down pour the night before. The temp was supposed to drop by 20 degrees...instead it stayed steady and the humidity was awful. When I got on stand the wind was in our favor and the rain had stopped. The wind changed direction by sunrise and guessed it, right in the direction of the bedding area next to the farm we hunt. We never saw the first deer. I havent been back out but plan to hit it hard this weekend. I did come out of the woods with something though...I grew up in the city and started deer hunting about 3 years ago so my knowledge of what to look out for in the woods is limited. I have made some mistakes as expected but my latest is tops. I have the best stand locations I have ever had....good sign, plenty of deer while scouting this area and reports from the land owner about deer by my stand all the time. The problem is my hang on stand is in a tree that is covered in Poison Oak vines. My hand looks like its been in a meat grinder.

I plan to take my climber this weekend to give my skin a break and once again hope to have a picture to post.
For me its chiggers. I've had these confarnded things on me since the last of August. I just can't seem to get rid of them.

I'll continue to bore you until I get a $%#&Q DEER!!!! I saw 8 this weekend...all does. Saturday afternoon I had four run by my real opportunity. Sunday morning had 1 doe and two fawns fartin around in front of me. I enjoyed watching the show so the hunt wasnt a waste by any means. I may manage a hunt this week. Hopefully I will have more to share than a couple of sightings.

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