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Jul 10, 2014
Ok, going to start my first thread here... I've hunted bears since 09. Shot a beautiful 6' chocolate in NW MT on a trip out here when I still lived in PA. Hunted them ever since in PA, mostly by setting up on the edges of thick swamps (fall hunting in PA is 4 days and mostly by organized drives).

When I moved to MT in 2012, I couldn't wait to get back into spring bear. I've gone every season, with one sighting late last May. Most of the time, I hunt the Beartooths, as that's what is close to Billings. I've focused on south facing slopes, grass, flowers, with little luck. What I am looking for is maybe a critique, or suggestion from some of you guys who are doing it right year in and year out. I am not looking for anyone's special spot, etc. just hoping someone might be able to point out something that I am missing. I know there are bears in the areas I'm hunting, I just can't seem to find them! Most of the searches I've done have led me to the same conclusion: find the grass and find the bears... Suggestions??? Thanks for any input!
I've been out there three years in a row and the sighting seem to get better every year.. it takes time to figure out how to hunt in my opinion. Everyone seems to do it a little differently. The first year out we went 1 for 3 with only a few sightings. Nothing seemed to be going too great... eventually we figured out we were probably hunting a little too hard. We'd hunt mornings walking logging roads and evenings in the same areas.. and we probably spooked a few bears. Glassing is something that seems so easy.. you just have to find the right areas. I think it's a little more complex than finding grass too. Too much grass and you'll be searching for a needle in a haystack. Ya know?
Well, I thought I'd update this. I was concerned it might not get a lot of replies, given I'm new to the forum... Thanks Luke44 for you reply! I had a chance to get out again on Friday. Picked a new spot I wanted to check out. Ran into the warden at the parking area, and he mentioned to be careful as a lot of grizz were working the area. He also told me that all the green would make it a crapshoot for finding bears. Off I went, and within a mile I found some bear crap in the woods. Soon, I stumbled on a very small, secluded meadow with 15-20 piles, some of which was actually steaming. My excitement turned to nervousness when I realized I was clearly in this bear's area and it was super thick. I decided to try and back out to a downwind location to see if I could observe from a more open area. A couple hours went by, and the rain/hail really picked up. About 6:30, I decided to still hunt back to my jeep. About 150 yards from the jeep, I noticed something red on the hillside. After about ten seconds I realized I was staring at a very nice bear. He realized what I was about the same time. He gave me one chance for a shot, but I wasnt 100% confident that he was a blackie so I didn't shoot. Awesome experience nonetheless, and a reminder to hunt the whole way back to the vehicle. Pretty stoked that I finally saw one even though I'm pretty sure it was just dumb luck!
Three things come to mind and saves shoe leather too, a good vantage point, a pair of binoculars and a spotting scope.
Not luck, blueniner! You've found a good spot, and it sounds like you earned it. Keep an eye on that meadow. Go get yourself a bruin!
I agree, watch that meadow from a distance if there was that much sign on it.GOOD LUCK

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