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Aug 14, 2001
Howdy fellers! It's been a while, but I've been up to my elbows in a few wife just gave birth to my newest hunting partner, (my first) :eek: :D but he's not quite ready for the high country yet... I've been workin' on the house with reno's all summer (actually I was hiding from the wife's hormones - I've never got sooo much work done! ;) ) Time's been pretty tight......a little reading on this site gets me psyched to get out there!!!

....managed to sneak out a couple of times with the bow and tip a over a little muley in the first week of the season....mmmm...VEal'NISON!

Hope you're enjoyin' the season!!! Life's over as I knew it (for a while)...
Way to go on the deer.
Bigger (way to go )on the new hunter in the family.
Life as you knew it might be over, but it will only get better with that new little hunter around the house.
Thanks guys! ...this sleep deprivation experiment is fun, but I wish I could change the channel once in a while...(it's a boy :cool:) My wife's been pretty cool and let's me out quite a bit! Here's a couple tales:

Opening Day of Rifle Season... Watched the sun come up sitting on the edge of a 7,000 ft peak - saw a couple small bucks, 5 bears (one monster) and a frickin huge cougar (might have got him on video), and didn't shoot a thing... what a great day!!! :D

The "Timex" Buck...(excuse my rambling) I stalked this little muley on the ground with my bow, but due to lack of practice time, hit him back and high from 25 yards...yep, I'm useless but very stubborn...let him sit for 2 hours...tracked him across a river and back, (lost him for an hour).... down the river bank 1 mile...(lost him again)... through a field & forest (lost him - went back to the truck and told my partner he's gone)...went back for one last look...found him and pushed him back down the river bank to where we started...6 hours and three holes later...I caught up to him in the river, held his head under and said a prayer for the toughest little buck I've met... Soaked and exhausted... I'll never forget 'im!!! :eek: (Yeah I suck, but I haven't given up on one yet)

Here's a few pics...oh yeah, I also stumbled into a lil' muley with my rifle a week later (must be my new 10 lb. good luck charm):
Have a good one!



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Mt BOY.... GOOD to actually see your face (Besides private Emails ;)) Usually you have a net across it ;)

Congrats on the buck man, I've taken on Muley with my bow and It was a long,hard day, WAS a little forked horn but I love that picture.. (It's the Evid. of sex picture if you ever seen it ;))

Congrats on the deer and thatnx for the pictures and Stories, I always like your stories !!!!!!!!
LOL good story.
I was laughting so hard reading about the water torture :eek: Sure wish someone had caught that on flim :D
Thanks guys! It's been a pretty good year, considering that I thought my hunting days were over for a while. I was living vicariously through the stories on the site... thx!

Moosie, you're the first one to make fun of me after the accident. (reconstructive surgery, bandages and physio for 8 months)...thanx...what a guy. :confused:
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