Time article on Cecil


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Jan 30, 2013
Probably preaching to choir on here didn't see anyone put up this article. Feel free which I know people will if I have my facts wrong. Put this on my facebook after enough friends pissed me off posting about Cecil/hunting.

Good article on some of the real facts behind Cecil. The only way you are going to save these animals over there is to make them more important economy wise to keep then to poach and sell on black market. So far hunters are the ones who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars which a majority of goes to the war on poaching. Plus it makes the animals worth more alive then there parts sold. The black rhino earlier this year 300K dollars would have gone to anti poaching instead "friends of animals" made a stink and the money went no where. That rhino was pass breeding age and was fending off breeding age bulls from mating. He needed to be culled.

I'm not saying this specific Lion hunt was done correctly and in time those facts will be found out. But don't just jump on the wagon without knowing the facts surrounding the whole issue.

As a side note I have yet to read where any animal rights groups are spending 100k's of dollars to protect or people on video/photo safaris.

The same thing goes on in America, Who has brought elk back to largest numbers known? Hunters. Who was responsible for a lot of the comeback of wolves? Hunters Ducks? Hunters and all the other species who have benefited from these species. If you want to meet a true conservationists and those who truly care about wildlife go talk to a Hunter.


Fact: Hunter's $ go to preserving and protecting wildlife and habitat.

Fact: Anti's $ go to lawyers.

Looking forward to my third safari in Africa! Good huntin'