The NEW Slydog "clasic"


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Jan 12, 2003
Boise Idaho
Well as any of you who have a slydog call already know they are what they are. I, by mistake have made a new twist to my ol'buddy, the slydog "clasic". This new twist makes an even better sound than what you are acustomed to.

This new inovation makes a great call even better. for info e-mail me or call me at 208 841-5554

MTO, Hey Bro,
Yes it is and I can't keep them on the shelf. Seems the new Slydog "clasic" is a hit with the in croud. Same with the slydog-Pup howler and the slydog yodeler.
Looks like I'm going to faze out the slydog origanal and the slydog "oo". got two origanals and 3 "OO" left, good calls just not as versital as the Clasic and the New slydog clasic.

How many diffrent sounds can you make on yours now that you have had it a couple days and BTW got the mail you sent today and thanks.

Is this the one that you sent me? If it is, I can't say enough about this one folks. This one will flat out wail. The sound is pure sex, and the new addition, which I heard was a result of a misguided whatever, makes some good distress. I can stand on this one, then hit secret weapon on and off and ah well enough sunshine, this one does rock.


By the way I finished the logo/brand, that I had told you about.

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Yes Pup,
A simple mistake has created the best call I have ever made. I have been playin with moveing it around and things but the sound is still great and I can do twice as many sounds with it now.

I hope to sell what I have to the local boys or colectors as I have made up my mind to stop production on the "OO" and the original. Its all I can do to fill the orders for the slydog-Pup howlers and the slydog "clasic" and now there is the NEW Slydog"Clasic". I'm goin through the antler real fast.

Jim I'll try to call you later today, got some questions for ya.

Howdy Sly
Haven't dove into the different sounds yet, other than just some variations of an extremely distressed cottontail. I really like the call, it wont bottom out on me and i can really put the air to it. In about 15 weeks it'll be gettin alot of use for sure. Word is ! That there is no carryover! (Fur) which clearly means that there is a relatively strong demand for Trim goods this coming Season.
If you run into a snag trying to learn the many diffrent sounds that can be made give me a call and I'll walk you through. Recived the package today and wanted to tell ya thanks so much. Will watch tonight and let you know what I think tomorrow but I'm sure after our visits on the phone that it will be full of good info.

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