The MULE school of coyote evisceration.


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Nov 13, 2002
Colorado springs, CO
Went out to my favorite southern Colorado honey hole this Sunday. Took the only gun I had that seemed to still be shooting to zero, my .338 loaded with 200 grain ballistic tips. figured it would just zip through without TOO much damage...

Hit him in the chest at 52 paces and oh what an exit it made.

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Dawgchsr&Mule..... I gotta meet you guys one of these days.. I use a belted mag (.300winmag) as well.... you guys ever get over to the north rim of the grand canyon? how long of a drive is that for you?
Del I'd like to meet you too.

My guess its around 8 hours or so. Depends on the passes.(snow,etc)

I've been trying to figure out a way to get down around southern arizona. I really like that country.
And when I say southern arizona I mean like around eloy/casa grande.

I spent the summer of 1980 on a test team and we would travel around sothern arizona setting up equipment out in the desert.

Wickenburg,Ft Huachuca,Casa Grande, etc.

I LOVE the desert. Amazing how much game those saquaro "forests" hold.
Mule unit 9 10 8 and all the north rim holds Lots of coyotes more than you will ever see in the desert.. if you hunt all day and hard 10-20 a day is not uncommon.. its a 7 hour drive for me also.....

I like to sit on big sage covered hills and pop them at long range... A ar-15 is a riot with them cause of the rounds you can shoot(of course I carry 5 round clps and not my 90 round drum or my 40's ;) yeah thats it)

I used to do alot of hunting down south for yotes but everyone and there brother hunts down there now...

Well, let's pick a weekend and maybe MULE and I can car-pool down for some "dawg destruction"! I may switch to some less EXPLOSIVE rounds however...gawd what a MESS!

Well, if you would like to do some REAL damage, try shooting 140 grain ballistic tips in a 7STW.. that kind of spreads things all over the desert... Personally, I like a 60 grain 22 round at a muzzle velocity of about 3600 fps. I would also like to be included in the AZ Coyote Symposium. Let me know when,,,

I'm not quite sure what eviseration means.....must mean something like explosion, destruction, wanton waste of desert dog? :D. Oh well.... looks like you had a good hunt. How about some comentary on how you called that coyote in?
It was the third stand of the morning, about 9:30 or so. Me and two buddies from the PM board (one newbie) had settled in around the base of a rocky hillside. There was almost no wind as I started calling with my Lone Howl Outfitters open reed "Jack in Distress". Around 20-30 minutes had passed when I heard some movement (like a rock-on-rock sound) up the hill to my left. I turned to look and there was this coyote looking strait down at me. I guess my Prairie Ghost camo was doing it's job because the dawg just stood there. I started to lip squeek as the critter seemed to be a little nervous. It looked over both shoulders and then back at me and I continued to lip squeek at him. He started up the sloap, getting further behind me and while he was moving I got my rifle off the sticks and got on him. Just as I found him in my scope he stopped and looked at me again. I squeeked one more time and as he cocked his head trying to figure me out, I touched off. He flopped a couple times but I figure with the damage caused by the 200 grain Ballistic Tip, he was dead before he hit the ground. Day got real windy after that, so we packed it up and started the three hour drive home.
Fur was almost completely destroyed but I saved the tail and am boiling the skull for my desk as I write this.

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Hey guys if you all meet up to kill some dogs dont forget to tell me. :D I have yet to call up there but I know there are plenty to be had. My buddy shot a deer up there 2 years ago we found it within 45 minutes and it was already half eaten by coyotes.
LOOKS like you bouys know how to put the HAMMER on the DAWGS down south

Welcome aboard fella's !!!

MULE, BE carefull when you meet Delw, When you're with him, It's hard to get any kind of story out of him ;)

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