The Day the Music Died.


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Jul 23, 2001
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A side note many don't know about ---

Holly had parted with the Crickets just a couple months before the crash. He hired Waylon Jennings (both born/raised in Texas) to play bass for a new tour. Jennings had given up his seat on the charter plane and was traveling by bus with other band members the night the plane crashed. Waylon later moved to Coolidge (Ariz.), then Phoenix, eventually playing at DJ's in Scottsdale. His career evolved from there.

A LOT of American music took a detour that night ...
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Jun 6, 2013
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Thanks Tarheel. This song reminds me of fishing trips with my dad, which meant oldies was on the radio. Every time this song came on he would tell me what it was about, as if he hadn't told me the previous ten times before when the song had played. I was reading the comments to the YouTube video and some guy posted this about the song. I never connected any of these dots. All before my time.

February bad news = February 3, 1959 Buddy Holly plane crash
Chevy to the Levy = Famous Chevrolet TV commercial or the 1950s (Dinah Shore)
Book of Love = Famous fifties song - Miss Pie turns out to be an illusion
10 years = 1960s, King = Elvis, Jester = Dylan, Quartet = Beatles (of course)
Helter Skelter & Football Game = Vietnam war protests in the summer of 1967
Marching Band = Most of the public that wanted the war to continue
8 Miles High and falling fast = Byrds song "8 Miles High" was banned because of its implications of drug use on a transatlantic flight, group split up
All in One Place = Altamount Concert with drug deaths and stabbings
Lost in Space = Hippie movement died that day (also reference to TV series)
No Angel Born in Hell = Hell's Angels guarded the stage as Mick Jagger sang. They begged him to stop the concert but the Rolling Stones continued like they were possessed, all the violence and overdosing damaging the reputation of the Hippie movement especially amongst its own members. Song describes the disillisioning end of both the 1950s and then the 1960s. Oh yes, Janis Joplin "smiled and turned away" by committing suicide instead of bringing happiness to Americans in the 1970s.


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Apr 5, 2001
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Always, a favorite.

Nameless Range thanks for the explanation. I got most of them, but some eluded me.


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Nov 27, 2009
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I was born in 72, but my mom raised me on all of this music, and I can say that I am happy about it. Not many people my age that ended up listening to metal in their teenage years can say that they have seen the Monkees and Beach Boys and many of the acts from that era in concert that my mom dragged me to in junior high when they were all doing reunion tours. I think I have a better appreciation for music in general, thanks to my upbringing, and have more choices on the radio driving cross country when I don't have the Sirius on whether it be oldies or classic rock or country or hard rock..I like it all

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