The bear are already out :)

I have heard that bear hunting in spring is a lot nastier as far as cleaning,skinning,etc. That's true I guess?

The hide isn't as good either,is it ?
Hey Jason, where in the Selway you heading? Just curious since I have been planning a fly in shed hunt there, but never seem to get around to it. If you talk to that pilot again ask him if they brought many out.

Good luck Oscar, sounds like you guys will be in fat city!
PCMechanic... I've never noticed the spring bears to be any nastier to deal with. If your gonna make hams and sausage etc, the spring bear is the way to go, they are eating mostly grass and you don't have the large amounts of fat you have in the fall. That being said, you need to give em a few weeks after coming out of the den to blow their plug and clean their system out a bit.
As far as the hide goes, it's beautiful in the spring as long as you get them early, before they start to shed out for the summer. Around mid-june they really start lookin scruffy around here.
Hope this helps!
Yeah,thanks. I met a guy once who worked at the hospital who had killed one in spring and fall on guided hunts,he said in spring it was a lot worse because of flies,etc. This clears a lot up,as I have read several good articles on spring bear. I've always wanted to go,just never have.Is there really a danger of trichinella, or is that a thing of the past nowadays ? There seem to be a lot of old wives tales and myths attached to bear hunting.A novice like myself has no way of knowing whether they're true or false unless he asks.Is this particular hunt bow only,or are rifles allowed ?
Good luck Moosie and you to Jason.
I can not go into where I am planning to hunt until May 1 due to it being winter habitat. Saw one in there last year with a cub and heard the cub a cub the year before so I know there should be bear in there.
PC Mech, It's open here...bow or rifle, but I'm sure its probably different in the different states and provinces. As far as trichinosis, yeah it can be a concern.
Most everyone I know makes sausage, jerky, hams etc. The problem with that is that smoking does not reach a high enough temperature to kill the trichinosis. You should put your smoked bear meats in the freezer for a month and then you should be safe. Thats what I do and I've never gotten sick.
We have a few bears out but not many are moving around. It surprises me because of the mild winter we had. I'll give it week or 2 and then it will be prime for us.
Here it is Also Open for Bow or Rifle... But I've taken 4 bear with Rifle and a couple "ASSISTS"
So it's time for BOW to meet it's day this year... In June, I'll also be bringing the bow to Canada !!!!

Bears are out and About !!! Just need more time to chase them... 2 days this wek.. NO time this weekend and Can;'t get out till Tuesday again.... Only one free weekend for the rest of the season so It's just evening hunts for me now...

Roll the dice and see what comes in
Hey Willy, you pretty sure that freezing kills Trich? that would be a good tip. Here in MT you can give them a piece of meat to test if you want, but I never have. I guess the Grizzlies have a much higher percentage with trich then blacks, at least down here.

Good Luck All