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May 8, 2001
Sorry about the redunctancy..(Posted this message at another site also).
Just a letter of thanks for all the people that
gave me advice on black bear hunting.
It was my first time hunting black bear and last night I bagged a big ol 300 pounder...
What a experience to remember....
That honey burn works wonders....I added
a little vanilla to it and he came in like gang busters, didnt even get a chance to get comfy in my stand.....Now I have an active bait site that's going to be abandonned til next year...Oh ya, Im getting he's head mounted....
When I get pictures, Ill post them..
Thanks again...
Congrats Virt!!!! awesome a three hundred pounder is a great bear!!!! yea ha!! cant wait to see the pictures:D:D:D way to go!!! was this your first bear ?????? 300lbs would rate a half or full body mount depending on his coat, how was his hide and rubbing????????

Glad you got a big one, like DKO said that one is worth a mount......

was this the first day you hunted for them ?
cant wait for the pics... my bear season Opens friday .. we cant bait so we drive some roads and walk lots of canyons.... daughter gets a tag this year also..

Hi guys....
It's hide had no rub marks on it but I had to 1/4 to get it out of the bush....The hide got recked when 1/4 it...I didnt actualy weight it but the taxidermest said according to the head it probably was pushing 300...
It was my first bear ever bagged...My second time to my stand with my rifle....Ive been baiting for about 1 1/2 month now...
Ill post some pics when I get them and you can judge for yourself....
Good luck to all of you and getting a bear....I will now focus my attention to deer and moose....Ill still
study this board religiously thou....
First off congrats on our first bear! Nothing like that first one. I assume you are from Canada since you plan on hunting Moose. What part are you from? Was this bear you shot a black phase, and was it a boar?
Big Sky...
Im from NorthWestern Ontario....
Sorry I don't really know what you mean by black phase...He was a black bear with black fur..
He was also a boar...
Im happy with myself thou because with the all the exitement,
I actually thought, stopped and looked around for cubs...I couldnt tell from 40 yards if it was a sow or boar...Is there a way to tell?
The reason I added this is because of one documented case of a hunter orphaning cubs, our spring bear hunt was cancelled...I hate
for it to happen to our fall hunt....
Virt black bears come in many different color phases...brown, blonde, cinamon and so on. Now that I know you are from Ontario that explains why yours was black as most of them in your province are. When you cleaned your bear if it had a penis bone it was a male, if not then a female of course.
VIRT, CONGRATS MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need help posting pictures I can Do that for you... If you don't have an Electronic Copy You could send them to me and I would Scan them in And Send them back, Let me know [email protected]

I had been thinking about you and your Success.... Glad you posted the Results... We also HAve adden Vanillia to the Honey. Funny how bears can Pick up that sent... EH ?~?~?

No need to thank me too much, Just invite me on a Moose hunt and I will be up there next year to Get one. That will be thanx enuf :D :D :D

Congrats Again !!!!!!


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