i have seen some of the same shows, Ted Nugent has killed some weird shit and one bull elk all on the same place

Tom have heard the words "free roaming"
"fair chase" and "native species"
I'm starting to believe that the 280 moniker isn't the caliber this guy shoots, rather it's the number of men he can pleasure in a single day.
280, I just posted the state archery record, it was free roaming, fair chase, and native like millions of other hunts in Texas every year. Its from a draw on a public hunt too. There's millions of hunts here like that each year, just one state record though.

I think Ted Nugent likes the YO Ranch, 40,000 acres with lots of native and exotic game, www.yoranch.com Its a great place to hunt, but kind of pricey. It has an open bar, pool table, pool, etc. to relax at after a day of hunting too. I think its bigger than a lot of the wilderness areas in the US, is there a list somewhere to check? But it has a lot more game to hunt.

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Well Texas is a big state. ;) Plenty of game is there I reckon. It also has Rio Grande turkeys and monster whitetails. Plenty of other species to hunt also. I will be going back there again. Besides that they have Tom,AA and BbarC there. So it cant be bad if they are there. ;)
One Stab:

Lighten up a bit. :D

It's a big world and lots of room for all of us. The older I get, the more it seems that tolerance for the ways of others makes for a much smoother road. :cool:

I live and do most of my hunting in Colorado; fair chase, self guided, free roaming, native species, and mostly on public land. I love the challenge. It just seems like the right thing for me.

But that doesn't mean that it's the only way or that everyone has to do it that way. I've been hunting in TX, on private land, exotics, hogs and javelina and had some great times. I met some of the nicest people that I know and hope to return.

You may want to give it a chance before you condemn.

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