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Texas - What are you going to use?

Calif. Hunter

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
The more I think about, the more inclined I am to use my .44 Mag Ruger Bisley. The ranges at the ranch are not usually too far, and believe me, it won't be hard to get close enough. And even if I decide to go after the wilier rams on the back ridges, the handgun will work so long as I'm not shooting clear across the canyons.

Then again, I may use the trusty old '06 or .270.... how about you?
I want to use my bow, it will be crowded with all of us going. I need to practice like Gilamonster has been doing. We'll both, you if you take your pistol and me if I take my bow, probably see the biggest ram there is accross a canyon. I'll take a camera for that.
Well I am taking my .54 cal Black powder rifle.I have yet to shoot anything with this gun so I might aswell break it in down in Texas(keeping my fingers crossed) ;) .I will be using 85 grains of FFg blackpowder and a 400 grain Remington bullet.With open sights this should be fun as long as the rams arent too far away. :D :D
Well, I'm looking for the big ram across the canyon and that's what I'm planning on. I'm taking my newest toy in 6.5X300WSM and another rifle for short stand sitting situations.

Planning on my 243 stricker pistol, might even throw the 40xb with the 36X leupold in the back of the truck if there is some long range shooting. Would be fun to pop something at lets say 600+ yards.... Also planing on bringing the bow and maybe a shotgun..

I think the "choices" are going to be either fairly close range or pretty long range. The aodads, in particular, are probably hanging out in the most remote, steep corner of the ranch they can find, and that is the dilemma for me: Do I bring a spotting scope, rangefinder and my .300 Weatherby for a really long shot or count on sneaking up on 'em?
Calif.... Did you see any aodads up there the last time? whats the chances of seeing some?

We saw "something" way up on a hill Friday when we first got there, and we tried to put a move on it. Whatever it was, it snuck away. There are supposed to be some there, and they are free if you can bag one. (Other than the $100 hunt fee.) I think they are either on the tops or backs of the ridges, or off in the one corner of the property. So basically, I have no idea how many or where they are, for sure. But they are supposed to be there...
CH, How large is the "property"? How much room do we have to spread? I've hunted Elk in an entire unit in AZ with fewer than 16 people around. :cool:
I believe it is one square mile. It's going to be crowded, especially Saturday morning if a lot of people don't finish up their budget on Friday. This can be misleading, though, as there are some canyons with nooks and crannies, the sides of which are pretty steep and some of the back sides of the ridges are probably very rarely hunted. I would wear my orange if I was going to be doing much stalking....
I am bringing a redhawk 44mag for the small sheep and my 300win mag for the aoudad. A Mature rame can weigh 350lbs ad they are heavily muscled. I don't think you can sneek up on them, they are supposed to be as wild as a large whitetail buck. So I will take the long range shot. Any suggestions?

Mitch :D :D :D
I will be taking a 300 win mag and a 7mm mag as back up. In the 300 I use 180gr ballistic tips and in the 7mm mag I use 130gr Speer hot Cores. Del offered to bring along a sawhorse rigged for me to shoot off. I will bring along a front rest/rear bag to place on the sawhorse. They can just set me off in the corner someplace where there aren't ANY snakes, lol. I am after a Texas Dall Ram, I think, lol. I will also be bringing the Leica Geovids in case I see a Dall Ram out a ways. I always like to make sure of the distance at longer ranges.

Jim, my buddy is using his 7-08 and I think he is bringing his 25-06 as back-up.

Hopefully there is a rifle range at the ranch to make sure zero hasn't moved. We all know how GENTLE those baggage handlers are with luggage.

I would think (rarely done) that with 20 plus guys out at the same time on 1000 or so acres the animals will be on the move quite a bit, or am I way off here?

I think CA HUnter made a great point, bring orange to wear. Its not required but there are more of us on this hunt than usual. There are places on the ranch where the rams can go hide in the trees and stay put. They probably know the pattern of weekend hunts, but good food is put out on friday afternoons for the weekend also and that gets them to come out of the woods. If we chase them around, they'll stay in the woods and we'll most likely just see their legs and here the rocks rattle as they move away. A common way to hunt here is just to stay put and hide ourselves and wait for a good one that we want to walk by. I've got a pretty comfortable camo chair I'll bring if you want to use it Shaky.

The Bullet Hole rifle range is north on Groesenbacher road, which intersects highway 90 just west of loop 1604 at the southwest side of San Antonio. will show you what I'm talking about. You'll drive right by it on 90 practically, Shaky. The ranch does not have a range. The best range in San Antonio is south on Moursand road off of loop 410 on the south east side of San Antonio.

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OK, it's close enough to the hunt, that I've made up my mind. I'm taking my 338 and my Dan Wesson 44V 44 mag with a scope for sitting in a blind. If I move about, I'll have my 45 Colt on my side. That's what I'm taking. I'll have my bow for the hog/turkey hunt and may try it on the second day or so, if it looks like it'll be useful.
That's my final answer!
Well I have decided to take pistol along with me aswell as the Black powder rifle.Not sure if its going to be the single shot .50 cal or I might check with my uncle and borrow his Buffalo Pistol.Because I HATE snakes.
Okay guys.. Since I live in Oklahoma and will be driving down, is there any of my guns ya'll would like me to bring for ya to use just in case? 7mm mag with simmons aetec scope? 54 cal TC tradional Muzzleloader? 338 win mag with Kahles scope? 35 rem lever open sights? If so holler at me and i'll bring them along. I will also have a 20x60x60 spotting scope along for anyone to use if ya want.
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