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Jan 22, 2001
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I left deer hunting early on sunday and drove 100+ miles out of the way to get this info. and I hope its useful.

Motel, brown M, on map is named Nueces River Motel, (830)234-3648 and is in Barksdale a few miles, approx.10, from the ram ranch gate. We get friday and saturday night at the ram ranch bunkhouses as part of the hunt.
There's a camping place about 8 miles north of Barksdale on the road from Sonora, its called Ledge Water (888)597-CAMP, there's also one a few miles south of Barksdale and just south of Camp Wood called Cooksey Park where there is another motel called, Woodline Inn (830)597-2310.

The restaurants in Camp Wood are Old Timer Restaurant, Casa Falcon Restaurant, Tina's Country Kitchen (830)597-6444, and Manuel's Tacos (830)597-4300, some Inn 597-2310. I think Moosie liked Old Timer's last year, is that right CA Hunter, do you remember?

MOST IMPORTANT INFO. 7 miles north of Barksdale up 335 in Vance is a turn to the right on 2631 to JoJanVan. 2.5 miles down 2631 before JoJanVan is the gate on the left, i.e. north side, with the sign to Thompson Temples Ram Ranch with the combination that you need to get in. You should have this in e-mail. If you come down 335 from the north off of highway 41 and you get to Vance and the river crossing, you just missed the turn on 2631, turn around, it will right north of Vance. Vance has a few buildings and a phone booth, just a phone, not a booth. I don't know if the pay phone works. A picture of what the sign looks like is at

Plus, some free ranging axis does I saw there and a picture of the Nueces River and hills around there to give a feel for the countryside there.

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Thanks for that Tom. I understand you got down to Pete Denney's place also. What's the scoop down there? :cool:
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