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Testing a new load for the old 45/70


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Apr 3, 2004
In a box under a bridge
I'm off to test some new loads for my MOAG,. Just a new powder Hodgens 4895-(52,53,54,55gr). I'm going to compare them with my normal loads, they should be similar,We'll see :eek:
:confused: Well that could have gone better! I tried a different powder H4895 instead of H4198. The book said it should shoot similar? I loaded 3 sets of 3 shells,53, 54, 55, grain 56gr was Max's
I didn't do them.I'm sighted in at 200 yards now on my current load. I test fired two of them as a bench mark at 200 yards, right on (2" group). Then 3 of the 53's 16" low, 3" group, next the 54's 20" low, 5" group(?), then the 55's 9" low and a 3" group. Then I shot 3 more normal shells and all three went in to the first group. I was shooting sitting down leaned up to a fence pole with the gun resting on my knee. I think I'll stay with my pet loads. I've got some 350"s coming soon and I'll work on them.