Ten Bears buys an elk tag

Ten Bears

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May 20, 2004
North Idaho
Due to circumstances beyond my ATV riding control, I was forced to but [buy] an elk tag for a spike bull elk. Photos to follow.

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So..... Wasn't it you that was gonig to teach Fish and game a lesson by not buying tags ?!?! MAybe It wasn't ;)

At any rate, Kudos on your critter !!!!!looking foward to Pics from ya !
MOOSIE, I wasn't gonna buy a tag until I was sure I had a critter to hang it on. Well, I found just the critter. :D :D :D

My statement was that I would no longer buy tags that I wouldn't be using..... In this instance, I found an elk to use a tag on so I did have a use for an elk tag. Therefore, I bought an elk tag to use. :D :D :D

FWIW, no sage brush was trampled in the killing or loading of the elk. :rolleyes: Because there was no sage brush around :D

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No matter how I say it, others will read it the way that they want too, but as I said:
I found an elk to use a tag on so I did have a use for an elk tag. Therefore, I bought an elk tag to use.
On the elk I had found. I found the herd of elk, bought an elk tag, then used the tag on the elk I shot. :D :D :D
WOW.. For you to spend all that money it must have been a nice one !!!!!!

I understood it as ya shot one then went back to buy a tag, but I'm not one to call someone out ;)

Still waiting for the pics ......
MOOSIE, I shot a spike, and my freind had a digital camera. I'm waiting for him to email me the photos. I'm gonna post them as soon as I get them, but I'll probably have to send them through you for everyone to see. No matter how I say it, there will be those here that will read it just as you understood it. I'm getting to old to be called out. ;) :D :D
So.... You shot a Spike ? AND had a tag.... WOW !!!! :D :D

Send them to me I'll post 'um, But I'm leaving tomorrow again for 4 days to chase my spike
I'm still waitin' for him to email me the pics. Probably wont get them until this weekend (woulda been quicker to have had film developed). :rolleyes:
Finally got them in.
It took so long for my help to find me that I had it all skinned and ready to go before they got there.

The guy in the pictures is my helper. He wanted the head and hide to sell.


Here's a shot of the head and hide loaded on his ATV, and ready to head to market. :D :D

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I had to click on properties of each one and cut and paste the url, then, after I did and went back to the thread, they showed up. Dont know why.

Your fly is open.


It's a good eating elk too. The funniest part about the whole thing is that he was hanging out with some open range beef. 1 spike elk and about 12 beef. :D :D

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