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Teaching our grandson to hunt


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Jul 11, 2021
Night before last we had a moose come through the yard. Single smaller narrower hoof mark in the dirt. Indicating a yearling possible legal spike fork bull. 1-1/2 year old. I grabbed up our grandson and put my binoculars on him , made him feel pretty big for a little man. He'll be 6 next week.
We took a walkabout around the area n got up on a hill to overlook everything. He's been using binoculars for a while so he was searching. No signs yet.
We had a cow and calf come through a week ago and another cow calf last evening. Suspect that estruss is kicking in and they are moving more.
Our little man stood on the back deck doing cow in heat calls, a few immature bull grunts. Don't want to spook any bigger bulls. Just make them jealous. His mama says he started making moose calls right after learning mama. One of the first purposeful sounds he could make. Then came inside n pulled a kitchen chair over to the window in the door so he could watch outside. All on his oun premonition
He had a birthday party yesterday n his uncle got him a compound bow with arrows in a nice carrying case. He has a red rider he's been practicing with already.
As papa.. It's great to be around and watch our grandkids grow. He will be riding a full size snogo this year so maybe papa can take him trapping or wolf hunting. Our 2 year old granddaughter will be riding a kitty cat snogo.
Little man has a chessy for his companion dog growing up. I have trained her to hunt antlers n she's pretty good at it. Can't wait to get him n his dog out to our cabin n hunt moose antlers. And help him learn about the ways of the bush and how to enjoy it.
Ya know, maybe having to slow down a bit in life isn't going to be so bad

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