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Dec 9, 2000
To say a little about the hunt.
My guide was Clint Grey out of Sandpoint ID.(Buckshot Outfitters.) A truly class A guide. We let the dogs go on an older track and after hours of snowshoeing thru some of Gods most beautiful country we treed that cat right at dusk. I made three shots that all went into his chest in a circle about the size of a chicken pot pie plate.(you single guys will know the size range I am talking about.)The cat was a Tom weighing about 130 lbs. My first cat and definitly not my last.I thought elk hunting was tough, at least when I elk hunt I can move slowly to catch my breath. Not a chance when your cat hunting , you have a mission, GET TO THE DOGS. It's go go go when you let them dogs loose.Well any way here are the pics. And thanks. Tanglefoot.







The link I sent you in the e- mail will take you to the page where I have hosted these pictures.

Well 5 out of six ain't bad.

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Nice pics Tanglefoot! Do they have shooting hours in Idaho or can ya shoot them anytime? In wyoming ya cant use any artificail light, i/2 hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset. He was froze stiff the next morning wasnt he???? Nice cat and sounds like a fun hunt! I guess in Nevade you can even turn dogs loose 24 hours a day, and there is no restriction on what ya take them with. I guess it is legal to spear them if ya want to and are brave enuff! Now yer hooked aint ya???? bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes

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Nice lion Tanglefoot! What kind of drink is that?
I know what you mean about go,go,go! When I am hunting my hounds it is the same way, except after coyotes. I turn them loose and they chase the coyote and I chase the hounds...
Can make for a long day!
The more pics I see, the more I want to chase one of those cats!!
What do most people do with their cats, a full body mount, or just get them tanned?
That is some nice cat that Tanglefoot.Youre right bcat,he's hooked now.Up here when someone gets the hound bug we say"he's ****** now".My goal for 2001 is to get out west somewhere and see a lion in a tree.
Thanks guys, and yes bcat I am hooked. The pic of the hide is in my buddies garage ,who is a taxidermist. I am getting a rug done.Mountain boomer in Montana that is the drink of choice,RAINIER. TF
It doesnt usually take but one lion in a tree to get a fellar hooked. If he likes hounds at all. I am almost agraid to go bear hunting with dogs or I would have to leave Wyoming and move to somewhere where I could fulfill the desire! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
Just thought I would share this, The guide that took me hunting for the lion I got , lost his favorite dog to lion a week or two later guiding another client. The lion waited on the track and took the dog quite quickly from what I understood.He even started feeding on the carcass. It just goes to show that you never know what will happen once you let them dogs go. I am sure that no two hunts are the same. TF
Tangle foot-We lost my lead dog from last year the same way in January last year. He has the lion treed and before we got there, the lion came out of the tree and started eating him alive. We did get the lion finally and got the dog to the vet, but too much shock and hypothermia from being halfway skinned, and he didnt make it. It happens!!!

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
Bcat,That test was from the day I sent you an email about not being able to post.Had to do with my netscape preferences.Working like a champ now tho. TF
Tangle, I've been slacking on the Congrats..... (Although I seen the pics before the "AIRED"

Nice Cat and it just snowed today.... I wish I had dogs.....

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My wife and I hunted with Clint in Montana before he went to Idaho. We've become pretty good freinds. Great guy with tons of class. The dogs name that he lost is Moose and when his second dog got there the lion tried to kill him too. Clint would really like to go after the lion but is afraid the lion has no fear of dogs now and will kill again. Both Moose and the other dog Rebel were awesome when we hunted with him in MT. I'll try to post some pics as soon as I get them scanned.

Bcat, I'm flattered you missed me. ha ha
Unfortunatly due to the stock market and the layoffs in the communications industry I now have to work. I know , I know , some one has to do it. But damn I was getting so used to telling everyone else what to do, that I was starting to get lazy.I am back now and will try to step on as many toes as I can. I saw in a post that you were calving. That is one thing I miss the most about working on the road all time, not really the calving but the branding.How many head do ya have? I love a big ass branding party.Nothing like poking a few doggies to get a guy back into shape. Too bad most of the big ranches use the tabels anymore cause I sure love just wading into the pile and pulling out calf ,wrestling him to the ground and sticking a lable on him.

I agree with you on Clint being a class A guy. I have never had more fun on hunt.I had the pleasure of meeting and hunting with his dad,also. That man is a hunter thru and thru. I think he was feeling sorry for me a few times during the hike in to the lion and just kinda waited around for me.Them two guys are worse than the energizer bunny they just keep going and going and going..........I forgot to bring my snow shoe legs with me and was so tired that I wasn't so sure I would make it out. When we could finally hear the dogs bawling Glen(clints dad) kept saying, were almost there boy keep at it. I'm hooked.

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