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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I found this new site and have been talking with the owner, I actually think It's a COOL SITE !!! OK, I get all the grief for using outfitters, to you guys, I say Kiss my A$$ !!! :D :D I did have a ligit question to one of the otfitters and I'll share it here liek i do everything else
HERE was My E-mail to the two Outfitters at : http://www.alaskahunts.net


Dear Sirs,
I went out to takemehunting.com and seen your Brownbear bid starting at $5,000. Someone would be a fool to believe that with Prices going in the 8-12k range that a guy can bid and Get a brown bear for 5k. I went to your Website and Seen this QUOTE.

"Brown bear hunts can be had for $7,000 and perhaps even cheaper in some areas, but all of this is irrelevant if your chances of seeing a bear are virtually non-existent, and often this is the case, especially with so-called combo hunts. If you plan to hunt brown bear on the famed Alaska Peninsula, you can expect to pay $12,000 to $15,000 and more, depending on the areas, and outfits you talk to. Don't expect to get a Peninsula hunt for the price of a hunt in the Susitna Valley."

If I bid on the 5K hunt. And I getting the same Treatment as the Guy paying 12k ? I think this is a fair question ? I have dreamed my life to go Brown bear hunting and the 5k just seems like it's in my reach. the 12k would never be.

THANX for your quick response in advance !

Any questions can Be E-mailed or you can call at (208)571-1ELK.

Oscar Williamson


I'll post the reply here when I recieve it.......
Moosie.. I won't ridicule anyone for using an outfitter. But I am always a skeptic. Some things that usually hold true.. you get what you pay for is one. Secondly, I bet you'll find that quality outfitters are not likely to auction thier hunts off, unless it's for a charity.

If somebody said to me.. "Hey buddy I have this great hunt for you for cheap cheap." I'd be damn sure looking into it awful hard to see if I wanted to spend any money, and more importantly any time considering it.

I'll be curious to the replies you get from the outfitters, and what you might found out about them elsewhere. I've heard a bit about one of the Alaskan outfitters on that guy's list. They call him "Ropes" up there. Word travels all the way to MT about it. Anyhow.. I get one of those "Buyer Beware" red lights going off here.
>From: "Tony Dingess" <[email protected]>
>To: "Moosie Idaho" <[email protected]>
>Subject: Re: Alaska Hunting
>Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 12:29:57 -0400
>Mr. Williamson, My husband is in Alaska at the present. He will be home
>around the first week of Sept. He will contact you then. Thanks, Darlene
Oscar, I think I've told the story about the two guys from work who booked a smokepole hunt for Elk in New Mexico. They couldn't believe their luck when the outfitter told them he had a cancellation and they could both hunt for only $1550 all inclusive. It was lodging (they slept in dome tents) meals (if you liked army field kitchens circa 1952 it would have been good) and 2 on 1 guide service.

Well, as it turned out, the outfitter used them to work around the bottom of a mountian and run the elk to the top where he had a camp with two other guys in it who were paying $7500 to hunt. Billy and Gary weren't allowed to the top of the mountain until the other two guys had filled their tags. What a bargain??

I guess I have to agree with Kurtholio on this one. You get what you pay for......


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For 5k.. I could hunt twice for the price of one normal hunt... You'd think that 2x-7-10 days in an area that may have a brown bear would get me something
I've been known to work a little for game.... ALL I need is a chance
I'd rather spend 5k and get a 8.5' then 12k and shoot a 9.5' ..... Thanx jsut me, MAybe it's wrongto look at it... BUT I like hunting.. And I'd like a browny someday... THIS might be the opertunity....

HELL, How else is a POOR boy suposed to get a br. bear ?!?!?!
I just wanted to post this to make sure you know 2 things about this hunt

#1 - It is a 2003 hunt. Not 2002. The peninsula is only open in odd years.

#2 - There is a $1500.00 trophy fee.
That is listed under the hunt details.

Yes it is a good deal. He has this exact same hunt listed on his web site for $10,000.00. If you go to the price page and select "price and reference" at the bottom you will see it. Fall 2003 Unit 9.

$10,000...hell, we can swing that no problem!
Let's do a big hunttalk brownie hunt and take about 30 guys up for that one. Any of the guys needing finacial aide need to see Moosie.......I think he is offering a partial sponsership so he can write it off as a Hunttalk deduction! ;)
Moosie, what if you could spend 1K for a 15 day hunt and get about a 5% opportunity at a 6 footer? Just think you could go TEN times and that would up the harvest odds for you a bit.

I dunno, but if I were to decide to hunt brown bears, I'd do a lot of research, talk to a lot of guys that have went, and make my decision on how to go about it that way. My time is too important to spend on a potentially crappy hunt, even if it is "cheap."
For $10 a trip DS said He'd take me 11ty MILLION times in Colorado. MAN.. JSUTthink of all the hunting then !!!!!!
That was $11.95 a trip and don't you try to beat me out of the $1.95 difference you cheap ass! :mad:
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