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Jun 3, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
Three of us hunted Colorado's 3rd season from my second home in North Park. We had three bull tags, two cow tags and two buck tags.

Saturday was opening day and we started an hour before the sun came up. Did several sweeps at about 8,000' elevation and saw some encouraging sign but no animals. Someone had started hiking even before we got there and probably spooked them out of their beds.

Sunday we went high and drove about 20 miles through about 12" of new snow. Only one vehicle had driven ahead of us and they made no boot tracks. So we were the first to hunt that area during 3rd season. Hiked about 3 miles though knee deep snow and saw a small herd of cows but couldn't get a shot through the trees.

Monday we hunted some aspen groves in the foothills just three miles from the house. I got a nice fork-horn buck and could drive the truck through the sage right up to the buck. Had to pack him out about two feet but it was a two-man operation.

I was convinced that there were still elk hiding out up high, where we had hunted on Sunday. So on Tuesday we drove snowmobiles in about three miles and reached a spot about a mile below where we parked the truck on Sunday. The old logging road was washed out in several places and there were lots of deafall trees that had to be negotiated. So the ride was quite an adventure. Hiked about three miles through deep snow and it paid off. I got a 5x5 bull. He had been eating loco weed so his rack is non-typical and webbed. Very unique. I'm having it made into a skull mount. We spent Wednesday getting him out.

On Thursday we swept through some BLM land just three miles from the house and Pete and John each got respectable bulls. We were able to drive the truck on an unimproved road to a spot just 1/2 mile from the bulls and were able to drag them to the truck.

We did a short hunt on Friday morning but we quit early because a storm was rolling in we wanted to get out before the passes closed.

We still have two un-filled cow tags and the D.O.W. has extended the season because they think that poor forage caused by the drought will result in lots of winter kill and range damage. We will see if we can put them to use.

Congrats KC and thanks for the story.
Congrats KC. Sounds like you had a great hunt! Looking forward to the pictures!

Congrats KC..I have tag soup for myself.. How did you find out about the extended seasons? I hadn't heard that yet? Thanks and Congrats again.. Also what unit were you in?
Congratulations! Wow, lots of snow! Can't wait to see the skull mount, it sounds neat! 3 for 3 on bulls, whew, wow! Pretty good!!

When we got home, we found letters from the D.O.W. informing us that if we hadn't filled our cow tags, we could use them in an extended season from November 16th through the 30th. :eek: The extended season only applies to a handfull of game management units where the forage is specially poor. I guess that they only sent letters to people who already had cow tags and only in certain game management units.

We hunted in North Park, which is about an hour east of Steamboat Springs, about two hours west of Fort Collins and about 50 years behind the rest of the country. It's a place where a promise means something, where you leave your house unlocked and where people naturally trust each other.


Thanks for info. I appriciate that. Hmm I guess my dad didn't get a letter. I like what you said about the town being 50 yrs behind.. That was good. Well anyways congrats to you again! Can't wait to see the pics

I just noticed you are in the Springs. I live in Castle Rock, Are you going the International Sportsmens show? If so we should hook up and tell hunting stories (lies)..hehe
Good for you guys, KC. I hunted the first season up there and only saw one elk. I, too, got the letter you mentioned (as did the rest of my hunting pary). Problem is, it's only good on Private land and I don't have any of those types of contacts.

The International Sportsmans Expo/show is an exhibition type show. They have venders/outfitters come in and try to sell and show off their hunts. Outfitters from all over the world come. Also there are lecturers there. Jim Zumbo, Craig Boddington, Mike name a few. It's a good time. Lots of taxidermy and nice animals to look at. It's most just a walk around and see what's new show. Here is the website.

check it out. Maybe i'll see you there

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