straight arrow outfitters???

I have never herd of him.But theres alot of guides getting into the bear bissnes lately.
When I started 20 years ago I could count the bear hunters in Maine on my fingers.I haven't been reading menny post on here lately and it looks like your trying to find a guide for a hunt in maine.Call me I mite be of some help.207-796-2884 I thought you booked a hunt with Buckshot for the spring season.If you want a dog hunt this year I had a canselation the week of Ouc.15th I only take one hunter a week with dogs.
tobey!! i have been trying to get ahold of you but never got a call back. i even called to try to get in with your brother. anyway i JUST booked a hunt with john pelletier from northeastern adventures in st. john last night and sent him my money today. i had booked a hunt with buckshot but i got layed off and it screwed things up for me and i had to cancel. i got my job back now but the hunts out here on the west coast are too $$. maine has the most affordable bear hunts so i looked into maine. anyway to make a long story short i sold my best gun to pay for my bear hunt. i was going to do a bait hunt but after getting the scent lock stuff that i would need(want)it would be just as much for the hound hunt. besides that everybody i spoke with said that the dog hunts are ALOT more fun then sitting in a tree waiting.

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