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Spring Bone (PICS)


Feb 18, 2002
Hey all!

Snow finally melted so we've gone shed hunting the last couple afternoons.

Heres a matched set of 6pts and a couple deer sheds from yesterday. Nothing fresh.


And here is a 5pt i found this morning from last year.


Here is a matching set of a 4x3 buck as i found them. I've never found a set of small sheds this close together.


And here is the first fresh elk shed i've found this year as it lays. Its a pretty decent 6 pt with a 28" long G2.


And here's all the sheds I found today together except for the caulky ones.


Hope you enjoyed the pics,

WTG on the sheds. As you know, most of the land around here is considered Winter Range and can not go on them until May first. There are a lot of bulls on the refuge with no hat racks, but still plenty with some bone. Most of the snow on the refuge is melted and the snow line is receding fast. We are down to 4-10 inches in the yard here now.
28" G2's - WOW!! Was it a bad water year for the elk in your area last year? Just curious because it looks like he started out really good and just fizzled out. Maybe it's just his genetics though. Too bad the rest of the points on that bad boy weren't as long as the first 3. Cool pictures though. Thank for sharing!!

You are suppose to sneak onto the refuge and get those sheds before the boy scouts! ;)

We are always in a drought here in SW WY. The weak 5th and 6th points is normal for this area, im not sure why the 4th point didn't grow out....maybe it all went to the 2nd point lol.

I'm going out again tomorrow...hopefully i'll have more pics to post

WYO... I'm going out next week. Either here locally or Making a Quick trip to Montana :D :D depending on time.

Cool pictures man !!!! We know we can Always count on you to provide a Spring bone show for us !!!
Most of the mule deer sheds I find are laying with the points up. And most of the elk ones I find have the points down. I don't know why theres a difference, but thats what I've noticed.


Good luck! Its kinda like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes.
i found lots of deer sheds this year going tomarrow to a spot i might find some elk and some arrowheads. long hike though 7 miles one way.
i hike back there every year at this time but this is the first year i'll be looking for horn too. generaly just calling yotes and looking for arrowheads.

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