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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Acording to my calendar... WE have 3 months till the season.... THIS year, I think We're doing a bit more Spot and Stalk and LESS bait stand hunting....

WHO is getting fired up and were ya going ?!?!?!

HAS anyone here done the bow spot and stalk before.... I'm going back to were I shot my elk.. AND if ya seen the pics, it's mostly burt area, esxecpt right were my elk was.... IN an open area like that, whats your thoughts on Wacking a BEAR with a bow ?!?!
Your a lucky guy Moose,we dont start after bear until August 1st here in Washington.I think it would be a blast to go huntng for a bear in the spring.I found an excellent area late last season so I will be heading back ino that area come August.
Using a bow would be a blast for sure.I think I am going to use the blackpowder this year for bear.
Good Huntin-Kraven
One thing I noticed while bowhunting is AZ is that a little more open terrain is more condusive to stalking than the really thick stuff. The really thick stuff doesn't give you many choices when picking a route to sneak up to the animal. I would have a GOOD FRIEND with a BIG GUN as a security measure though. Wonder who'd do that for ya????? ;) :D
This is the first year I will be going with guys that know how to hunt bear. I've given the state money for years and years for these tags and just never happened across one... :D :D :D
Damn skippy I'm going after spring bear. The wife says she has to shoot one before I can though :confused:

For most of the state blackies are open year round. And since its been so warm (30's and 40's) I'm tempted to go looking. theres gotta be an old boar walking around somewhere thats hungry. I'll probably wait till end of april/beginning may for serious hunting though.

I'll be heading down on the kenai penninsula as usual.

You know where the "good" Black Bear are located.

Just let me know, and will take a boat ride down to southern Kuiu and whack a couple.

I'm going for sure, probably twice.

You and your wife are invited.

I may just have to take you up on that. Shes been bugging me to take her to SE for a blackie.

Wife just said tell us when and we will get to sitka.
BW.... THAT Collins from Sitka knows were the bear are.. I'm guessing if you want one.... ET me know and YOU two should hook up... THEY have footage of MANY a bear in a day that they see... And with you having a boat and all

BUT, Once ya find um, ya have to invite me and Wylee up for a hunt .. 'K

LILbiggun... Good luck with your hunts.. COO lthat the wife wants to go....!!
Hey Guys,

I managed to pull a spring bear tag in Arizona unit 32. my first chance any suggestions? How? Location? etc.etc.

Not looking for a honey hole just a starting point.


Classic..........call the local wildlife agents.......they are usually more than happy to point you in the right direction.
Bears are bears where ever you hunt them. You will need to do a lot more glassing than walking, that is why you need to get in the right area to start with. Once your in a likely bear area, you'll see scat and tracks........look for the tracks around straem beds and loose soil on trails. The scat won't be far from the feeding areas, which is probably where you should concentrate, as they will be some kinda hungry coming out of hibernation. But foremost, you gotta play the wind...........while bears have negligable eyesight.......their noses are among the best in the animal kingdom. Good luck!

Moosie.....to answer your original question on your bow chances in the open ground.........you should do fine if you get on some bears. They don't have real good eyesight to the point tp prevent a slow stalk.........but your chances are zero if the wind betrays you. They haul ass when they wind an unfamiliar scent.........they leave and ask questions later. People often make the mistake as to how quickly a bear in the open can vanish.........quicker than you would probably think.

My preferance would be......the more open the better. But the key is where the bears are. Hope you get the chance to stick one.
I may use my points to get a muzzleloader tag for the southwestern part of Colorado which is loaded with bears.......but I'm not sure yet if I can squeeze another hunt in.

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