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Speaking for PEOPLE getting bear .............


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
FRIGGIN congrats GREENHORN!!!!!!!! Or "CORNHOLIO" as he has become to be known...

Heh hehehehehe

You're welcome for those TOPOS :D:D:D

And congrats on the bear !!!!!!!!!!!! WOW 2 out of the same area !!!!!!
way to go corny!!!! cant wait to see the pics!!! another bruin bites the dust!!:D
corny,chk your PM's!
Moose, when ya gonne send me some of them topo's with the little x's on them
sorry i missed ya, ill call ya this weekend!
The bear is a dink and the pictures turned out crappy because they are so dark. But it was a fun evening hunt.. tracked it down in the snow and shot him. Just an average 5 foot and a little bit bear. Nice thick dark coat though. Had to do for the 11th hour though.
Way to go Greenhorn (cornholio??, hmm)
Post the pictures anyway and how about a little more detail. That "I went to the woods and shot a bear story" was kinda weak. :D :D
What's with this new name? I mean, after the three of you bivyed out in Idaho, you boys come back with new names and fondness for each other. Whazzup? :eek: :D :D ;) SR
Well if you ever Watched Bevis and Butthead.. There was an Episode were Bevis put his shirt on his head after eating ALOT of Sugar and said "UUUERRRRR My name is CORNHOLIO... I need TP for MY BUNGHOLE!!!!!!!"

Notice the fist clenched picture under Greenys NAME :D :D

Anyways.... Since he don't talk to much I figured I'd fill ya in !!!!!

I also Got a new name.. It's OX..... I'm not telling ya why though :eek: :rolleyes: :eek:

(PS, greeny thinks a Dink is Any animal that don't make B&C. Even if it was a yearling.... Thats a typical Idaho bear !!! :cool: Just Ask all me for I've gotten um and ALL my hunting buddies !!!!! Greeny's bear next year with us will be a MONSTER .... Thats how it happens ... )
Congrats Greeny/Corny, too bad Moosie and I weren't there to help ya out. Would have loved to have seen it in person. Nice job, and don't forget, pictures taken after dark always turn out better under the light from a closed gas station. hee hee :D :D
Here's the best of the photos. Some of them all you can see is my face as if that isn't bad enough it good light even.
Greeny..... I can tell thats you by that Purdy face....... :D :D

NExt time when ya get back to the Vehicle.. Turn on the Headlights and shoot another one..... Or 11:30 PM under that gas station.. How funny would that have been !!!!!

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