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south east idaho deer


New member
May 10, 2001
has anybody ever hunted southeastern idaho for mule deer.is there a lot of public land with good access for somebody willing to hike 5 or 6 miles a day. any info would be great thanks


Active member
Nov 11, 2003
SE Idaho/El Paso, TX
Most of the land in the major valleys is private but there is still plenty of public land to hunt on. If you are willing to do some walking you can get away from other hunters with the exception of opening day, opening weekend and during a few of the elk hunts. If you have a good map of the exact area you plan on hunting you can see there are very few places more than a 2 miles from a road. As of a few weeks ago the fawn survival in both the Rockland and Soda Springs study areas were around 50-60% so there wasn't any more winter kill this year than other years in these areas.