Some Pics from Earlier This Year


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Jan 2, 2004
Lakecity Minnesota
I was out last friday here in Minnesota and it was COLD the weather man said 20 to 25 belong windshield. Anyway I have been wanting to try to call coon in so I went and bought a tape the works in my Johnny Stewart E-caller. The tape was called coon fighting and on the package it said 3 nights calling 36 coon taken. well I had to try it. I went to a spot that I have seen the bandits in and found a decent hollowed out tree top. Well I put the speaker on the back side of the tree and sat on the side with the hole. I started the tape and about 2 min. a boar came out looking, and I was able to get a shot. Well I nomore then shot and another boar came out fast growling, and I shot him aswell. The the second raccoon was shoot with a bad 22 round and just got knocked out, becuase I picked him up and through him in the dog box. well when I got home I tried opening the box and I got alittle charged on me. He was full alive and NOT HAPPY. It was real fun trying to get him out of the dog box, so I had to get help from my Choc. lab
Here are the pics
In the Dog Box

And after

I headed out sunday morning to find some fresh tracks for the dogs and there was plenty. Waiting for the rest of the hunting group to get there I decided to drive around a few more sections. Well about 2 miles away I spotted a really nice yote sitting in the snow next to the woods about 100yards off the road. As some as I slowed down, she waved here tail at me and was gone into the woods. I call everone to see wear they were at and let them know I had one spotted. Being that we were to close to a big highway we decided the hounds would stay in the box, and we would put on a spot and stalk. We start to walk in, and out the back of the woods she came. I sent a guy in his truck to the south road to block her and keep track of her. As she got to the center of the section there was some tall grass that she snuck into, so I move one guy to the east and one to the west. We had all the direction's of travel cover, and the south guy started to walk in through the tall grass, and she shoot out of there like a streek of #$%^. headed rite back at me angleing away from me giving me her right side, to put the 243 58 grn Hornady in to her and 92 yards.

Went out this morning and it was COLD and windy, I am talking 35 mph guest winds . Calling was not even worth it, so I decided to try to do some spot and stalk if they were out in the wind. Well it paid off, because my buddie hollard on the radio that he had one spotted, and to 19( get my butt over to) his location. The yote was about half mile out and I was able to sneak through the fields, and get somewhat close. The yote never know I was there, because he was to busy watching my wingman in his truck. When he did not like seeing the truck so he decided to head my way, as I hunkerd down in a snowdrift. Well he made it to about 50 yards from me, and the 243 Hornady 58 grn. got him, and no hide damage, but the Blood trail was awesome. Scaled at 41 lbs.

My son Dakota, got home from school and asked, dad you going out calling tonight, because I want to go with. I had to check the weather to make sure it was warm enough. Well at 27 degree's we got suited up and headed out. We made a couple of set ups, and had zero results. On our third set I let him pic the tree to set up on. He got to set up the call and were we needed to sit, I let him do it all. He started the E-Caller and in about 1 min a nice big male came out of his den tree, and being that my little guy set us up, he got to shoot first. Dakota squeeze the trigger and down it fell, rite after he shoot another coon came out of the den and he handed gun to me and said dad you shoot that one, and I did. We made 2 more sets before night came, and killed one more. When we got home I know he killed a big one, I grabbed the scale and it weighed 31.lbs., and he was so happy, and I was very proud of him.