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Some people need their ass kicked!


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Jan 22, 2003
A lady in new jersey get 20 bucks from her husband, goes to the store ,buy`s a lottery ticket ,wins 25 million and keeps it all![she needs her ass kicked!]
If that was Vipe, I would be happy with getting my ass kicked by her many times. Oops that happens already

So did she divorce her husband or what?
She is divorcing him and now they both have lawyers and are going to court to see who gets what, you`d think 12.5 million [her half] would be enough,she needs her ass kicked! feel free to add to the list of people you think need their ass kicked! this could get interesting.
Personly I think I need a spanking ( does that count )
I don't know what the laws are in New Jersy, but here on the left coast, it's half his, no question.
How about ALL A.C.L.U. lawyers they must have their ass kicked! Moosie have you ever tried kicking your own ass?
Our governor needs her ass kicked! when i call her office to bitch that she is`nt doing anything to stop illegal immigration, they tell me that its a federal problem, But on the front page of the paper today she is working on a plan with Vincendy Fox to help promote more immigration from mexico! i thought it was a federal issue! this bitch needs her ASS kicked!

While you were making phone calls, did you happen to call McCain, and see if he could get the dams on the Lower Snake River removed?

Thanks in advance, and keep up the pressure on the dams.
Moosie remember Jim carry in liar liar? when he kicked his own ass in the bathroom? i was thinking of something like that.
CJ, A question... I thought your objection was to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Do you still object to them if they are legal immigrants?

Is it the legality issue that bothers you or the immigrant issue that bothers you?

Its a matter of law Danr, pure and simple, the illegals that have entered the U.S.A. have committed a FELONY and it makes my blood boil, that we allow them to freely roam our streets,so i am active on a daily basis talking about it, i know you think i have a problem, but i can`t help myself i hate the dirty, stinken, FELONS. Go check out the post in S.I. by ithaca, it seems their taking over a town way back in georgia.
My question is about why you object so loud about the guest workers program. If that goes, then all of the illegals will be legal. Does that make them OK??

I just look at it this way....I have folks working for me that make better than $60K a year. I can't get some of them to wrok regardless of what I do. Without the migrants, be they legal or illegal working in the fields and picking fruit and veggies, we will either go without them or pay more for a ound of tomatos than we do for a gallon of gas. so where do we, the common folks win??

Well ive got to tell you you`re veggies arn`t cheap when you add in the cost of,insurance,medical, crime,etc. that these people bring with them, as far as a guest worker program it flat out doedn`t work! and amnesty was already given [reagan]these people don`t care about those program`s there are about 70 of them on the book`s already, andwhy would anyone in their right mind reward a drug dealer/criminal with amnesty? i`d say if you can`t get people to work for 60 thousand a year your not hiring the right people.
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