Some helpful advice for those wanting to hunt western canada


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Dec 15, 2000
Aksai, Kazakhstan via Covington Louisiana
I am not trying to advertise for someone, but I just wanted to put out a little helpful advise for those of you planning to hunt Western canada or Alaska.
I have a taxidermist friend in Calgery that has plenty of outfitter connections with top quality hunts. Mind ya he is NOT a consultant!
His angle is getting the taxidermy work!
Jim Lepla out of Calgery will help you get on almost any big game up that way and will take care of your mounts from the time he picks them up till the time he delivers to your home.
I found his work to be top quality , as you can see from my trophy room!
This guy makes 3 to 4 trips a year to the lower 48 to personally deliver you finished mounts. He starts out about 4 times a year down the US west cost, across the south, up the east coast and cuts back home across the mid west with a 40 foot trailer full with all sorts of mounts from clients around North America! ( He loves road trips)

His rates are either cheaper or the same as most Taxidermist in the lower 48 and he charges nothing to deliver.
Not only will this save you time from hauling back your capes and horns through customs and gathjer proper permits (CITIES) but you will be impressed with what he shows up with! Great quality at a reasonable price
Just to give ya an idea, he hooked me up with a bear/wolf/fishing trip in Northern Alberta for US $3400
i got two bears, a wolf and a 42 inch northern pike in that week.
He charged me $600 for each half mount bear, $ 550 for the full body wolf mount and $375 for my pike! They were delivered to my place in Georgia by him personally 11 months later!

If anyone is interested, e-mail me and I can send ya Jims Phone number! He is not a computer man and you can get him unless he is in camp! If so his wife will leave him a message.
He also sets up two trips in Africa with Sandhurst safari's every year and takes care of all the trophy expidition from the time it hits the ground in Africa, till it arrives on your steps!
This type of person is hard to find and just wanted to the board members know about this unique way of doing a trip, getting your mounds and not having to pay through the nose!




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Jul 25, 2010
If he is cheaper than in the U.S then he is not doing good mounts in my own opinion. I wish we had prices for taxidermy like the U.S up here. A cheap mount here is considered to be $650. I have done some work for taxidermist for the past couple years myself so I know a few things about it as well.