Father / Son Time

My dad and his wife came to visit our new home after missing his visit last year due to the hurricanes that ravaged the Naples FL area. His three requests were see Elk at RMNP (Sat), drive and see the leaves for his wife (today) and he wanted to see Buffalo bills grave. We did that yesterday and it was actually pretty cool to learn more about the man. Then we had breakfast where it turned into an impromptu discussion of “if you could go back in time” and turns out we both would like to go back to when the west was being settled / homesteading times more than any other time in history. He gave me a life he never could dream of and it turns out we are the same in all the ways.

I was worried about bringing him from his 17 foot elevation home to 8700 feet, but he’s doing good so far.

1. Not a trophy, but one of the fattest fish we caught all week
2. Our group trip does awards for the week, my dad cleaned house as Walleye Champ and overall fisherman of the week.
3. Dad, proud as can be over that award... well deserved. He caught quality fish from day one to the last cast
4. Dad caught the largest walleye of the week... and the smallest. 10" haha
5. Our group has daily contests and if you win... they embarrass you and make you wear all this while playing the song from the Olympic medal ceremonies. It was for biggest walleye of the day... and my dad was prouder than hell
6 - 8: Smashing fat laker trophies all week

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Great read….as a 61 year old grandfather now I had my son in a tree stand for the first time at 4 years old. We’ve shared too outings to remember. I recently had 4 generations in my boat with my dad, my son and my 2 grandsons…a trip I’ll never forget.


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