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Snow On the Way !!!

You didn't hafta hord it all!!!!!!!!!!
We got not a flake. We do have some ice now and if the temps stay where they are I will be able to walk on it in a few days.Got 34 beavers from 3 houses on one river from a canoe last week.Good luck running tomorow.You running cats or Yot's?
I'm bringing Boone,whitey and diamond. Going to look for a cat track for at least a couple hrs.If no cat tracks I'll try a yote,pretty sure I can find one of those there.Would love to be bringing the new dog too but shes still in heat.I wouldnt mind running her anyway but it would drive Boone nuts being in the next box.Nice snow here tobey.3 or 4 inches.Melted off a little today but dont think it will crust up much,least not in the woods anyway.Wondering where Paul was running tomorrow? I called Mike to see if they wanted to come down but he didnt get back to me.Anywhere else in Maine get snow out of this???
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