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Snakes are out


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Jul 7, 2001
I have heard how some of you have a distaste for rattlesnakes (only good snake is a dead snake). I used to kill everyone I saw, but guess I am getting soft. Here is a shot of a happy snake (first one I've seen this year).

I swerved to miss this guy, but when I went to grab him and remove him from the road, he introduced me to pissed off snake.

Guess he wasn't as lazy as he seemed.
cool picture. i dont see any rattles though.our rattlers have diamonds on there back and they dont take kindly to people.really cool pictures. i like to look at snakes but not to close
Sorry, I forgot to mention this is just a bullsnake. I still about sh#t myself when he took a shot at me though.

I don't mind snakes as long as I know where they are and they aren't trying to friggin' bite me.
i bet you did. i dint know if you had a rattler i had never seen. i havent seen a bull snake either though
I was in a dark pump house yesterday and when I turned around to leave I almost stepped on a snake and it scared the crap out of me. I don't mind snakes as long as I know where they are. It is the sudden suprise of one that startles me. Cool pictures.