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Smoked another lope......



Guest it turned out, I did get a little trigger happy. I had just entered the "zone", and I immediately spotted a super nice lope......maybe even booner.

He looked as though he had us busted at 100 yards walking a rise.......but he eased over the other side un-phased. I told her I had him. As we walked toward the edge of the rise.........4 @ssholes began hollering in the distance from where we had come. They called me over, so I went to see what the he!! was going on. The guy said he was an outfitter thus had the right to check our license........I wasn't so sure and was slow to cooperate. After much discussion, I figured no harm in showing him just in case he was right, and I was axious to go after the buck we left some 20 minutes earlier. After the strange incident, we rushed back to the edge of the rise.......and after a quick scan, I picked up 3 does and the buck, .........or so I thought. I immediately sent a round through his lower lungs, and while he was nice, I had a funny feeling. As I had worried, he was not the same buck, but rather the buck I sought after was topping a rise some 400 yards away.
It was definitely anti-climatic, and I felt used,... really. We continued on for several hours surveying the lopes in the area, and watched a sure-nuff booner kick tail on two dandy bucks for about an hour.........ever guarding his heram of 10 or so girlfriends........he had the life for sure, lucky dog! ;)

............and so it goes with things oflife and death,.........once you pull the trigger, there is no turning back.......regretably......

I'll try and get a pic up tomorrow.

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Cool DS-----but does a outfitter have the right to check you out?
I think I would be checking that question out.
To stop someones hunt that hasnt done anything wrong ? Sounds odd .
Way to go, DS! Sorry to hear you didn't get the big guy.

The only person who has the right to check your license is a law enforcement officer! No exceptions! Actually, even though he didn't state he was a LEO, he could be charged with inpersonating, I'm almost positive. I was involved in a situation exactly like this last year.

Can't wait to see the pics!

This guy said he was an outfotter and in Wyoming that meant he was an extension of the law enforcement and had the right. He demanded I show him on the map where I was, and that I had a right to be there, stating he had the ranch surrounding my hunt area leased. I told him if he did have the ranch leased, then he should know I was correct in being where I was. I showed him, he then loaded his "crew" and they drove on.......I was pissed to say the least. I have only met one outfitter in Wyoming thus far........and lets just say after meeting this guy yesterday, my opinion did not raise any.

It totally ruined our hunt, and I hate I did not get the guys name. I questioned the whole time his autority, but at the same time did not want any trouble, and was not versed in the law he spoke of enough to tell him to go to he!!.

I think he was just trying to bluff us into leaving, not realizing I had done my homework and was well within my right to be where I was. Oh well, we live and learn......

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DS,I have heard of outfitters doing that here in Idaho as well.
The other outfitters and Fish & Game I have talked to said that a honest outfitter would not be doing that and to turn them in if I can get there info.
We have a few of them trying to intimidate hunters into leaving areas so they can have it to thereselfs.I dont think any good outfitter would have to or would stoop to such low levels but we have all kinds out there.Just becaues someone leases land they often feel it gives them the right to bully hunter off the surrounding land.
I had a fish & game officer tell Steve and I about a outtfitter here in Idaho that told him and his buddy to move there camp,that it was his that he leased from forest service.
This guy said they moved camp and because they had packed in with horese and didnt have outside acsess he didnt want to get into it with the outfitter.(cant blame him)
When they got back he checked it out and the outfitter did not have that camp tied up and should never had said anything.
Stuff like that should not happen.
We had a rancher do something like that to us also.
Started to ream us out for being on his land calling us trespassers.It scared the heck out of me,but Steve knew we werent on his land and called him on it,he backed right down,but what a crock.
He didnt even know his own boundry,or the correct way to post his own land.

I think the responsiblity goes both ways.
Sounds like you are describing this situation to a "T" Deb. This guy was definitely an @ss and had 3 bafoons with him......his posse I guess:rolleyes:, and only gives outfitters a black-eye. He was very challenging until I stood my ground and called him on it, then he said he had no problem with "allowing" us to continue, but I should carry my map in case I needed to show someone where I was.............have you ever heard such a joke? I wish I would have gotten his plates or name or something......we need to help "clean up" this type of behavior. I have done extensive research on where I can and can't hunt, and this place is sacred to me. He accomplished his goal of letting a super nice buck elude us, with all the comotion he caused. But I will take my son back in there to hopefully get another chance at the buck, as he still has his buck tag. ;)
DS,its to bad when any hunter acts like that and worse for an outfitter or guide.
We are lucky that its only a few that would do something like that as most outfitters and guides take there job more serious then to do that.
I just could not see Bearcreek or Buckshot outfitters doing something like that.
I have met some really good guys both (outfitters and guides )so it not all of them
Yeah , buddy, he's still there. And you will be there tow in about a week and a half!

As far as the outfitter......kinda par for the course I guess. I know there are som really good ones, but just so happens The only two I have met up there have both been real scum. I have talked to 6 people since posting this experience that have similiar incidents. I would never have imagined such a high rate.

......must be in the water.....
You better stop calling them lopes also, or I think your gonna have a wyoming preacher on your ass again too.
Naw Deb, I do that all the time, great little technique for cutting down on the competition. I'm a little ticked that this yahoo in Wyoming is stealing my moves. It'll usually only work once and then the hunter is like a ****ed gun just waiting to go off in the next outfitter's face that trys it.

JUST KIDDING!!! Let me say that again in case anyone's lacking a sense of humor or there are any officers patrolling this board (as they often do, you know), JUST KIDDING, NEVER HAVE TRIED TO RUN OFF OTHER HUNTERS, NEVER HAVE CHECKED ANOTHER HUNTER'S LICENSE, AND IF WE (OUTFITTER'S) ARE LEGAL TO DO IT I DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT AND WOULDN'T DO IT IF I COULD. Just to be certain that there's no doubt about this, let me restate that I have never done this and never will. If you have any questions about where I stand on this issue please contact me prior to contacting any officials and I'll gladly explain it. I hope I've made myself clear.... ;)

DS, that was a crappy deal and I'm sorry to hear about it. Hope your son is able to get the big boy.
Clint, there was no doubt in my mind I knew you or Bearcreek would not do something as crappy as that.
Like bad hunters giving us all a bad name the same goes for bad outfitters.
I know thoses of you that run a good outfit are just as mad about this stuff as we are.
The way I see it is that we are all in this because we love it and we can get along as long as each party respects the others right to be there.
You and Bearcreek know how I feel about some of these issues

;) ;) and have always been real good about answering questions .
Thanks Clint.......for the luck and for helping clear it up a little. It is clear now I was duped by a scum bag, but at the time, I knew I was legal and on land I had permission to hunt, and the guy sure acted as though he was a stud cop, so I did get a little confused, and didn't want to make trouble for the person who was hunting with me.....a resident of the I reluctantly walked all the way back to the truck and went over the maps like he insisted..........dumb now, I know that......but you never really know how to respond to this crap sometimes.

I will do it differently next time.......and I will run a check on the gusy name, as he said he leases the neighboring ranch. I would like to report it to the authorities.......chances are, they already know of him, as was the case in another incident not too long ago.
So BUCKSHOT..... You say you ALWAYS do that ?!?!?! I wasn't REAL CLEAR..... :confused: ;) ;)

I got a direct line to Dean Sangrey now, We're like Ol' BUDS ... Don't make me call him :D :D


DS, Quit makiung **** up and Go shoot a Better lope. Ya goofed up, Theres always next year, Get on with your life :D Also, If you had a 97' Chevy you would have had ANY ISSUES !!!!!!!! :eek:
Well Miss blacklightening........I see you made it over!.........and let me be the first to welcome you, and warn you! :eek: ............most of us don't bite, but some do :eek: :eek: :cool: DS
A big WELCOME from me also.
Im happy someone finally got that picture posted :D :D
So cool ,dont ya just love hunting thoses (speed goats)?
Please jump on in and post,if you got past DS the rest of us are easy LOL
Nice having some more women hunters here.
GO LADYS ;) ;)
DS nice lope you got there .
Now Girlfriend.........your assuming she got past me ;)

I wasn't thinking about the gender thing when I gave her the link.......we men will be a minority on here before long :eek: ........but that can't be all bad :cool:

Now, Miss Krys, let me warn you about Miss Muley here...........she will get your @ss in hot water for sure! :eek: listen to her, just don't jump off the cliff with her! :cool:

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