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Sleeping in truck or tent

I put a topper on my truck mainly to use for sleeping in it. It's a medium rise (6" above cab height). It gives me enough headroom with my cot. I added a Bedrug liner for added insulation. I have slept in in down into the teens without a heater. An extra wool blanket over my sleeping bag keeps me warm enough. I gave up on pitching a ten a few years back. This works just fine for weekend hunting trips.
I set up my Whiteduck 10' Bell Regatta tent this weekend in the yard. Tried to get it all wet as directed to cause the cotton to swell and seal everything up. It was already water proofed so that was a little difficult. In between dousing, I placed an aluminum army cot inside to see how much room I would have. It will be good for one person with a heater in there. Two people would be pushing it unless you were not using cots. I was laying on the cot and looking at all the pin hole sunshine spots wondering how well this thing will stand up to a wet snow storm. I did not see any water inside so it must be working. I think it will be fine in a wind protected location. Wouldn't last on the open prairie with the elastic corded tie downs in my opinion. I'll find out in November either way. I will have the truck bed ready just in case. Man has to have options.

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