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Shots that weren't

Bush Baby

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Jul 1, 2001
South Africa
Don’t know if this has been done before, but there must be some great ‘missed shot/wrong shot’ stories out there.
Let me start. About eight years ago I started handgun hunting with a T/C in 7TCU. On it’s first trip out I came upon a group (sounder?) of Warthogs – a mother with some large piglets – after a careful stalk into a dry river bed and the along the river, I popped my head up to find they were now very obligingly standing only sixty or so yards away, and grazing towards me. Wanting to be sure my first handgun hunt was successful I waited until they came closer still ! At about twenty five yards I settled the 2,5 power scope on the young pig chosen to be my supper – and MISSED. I almost wanted to pay for wounding the animal – then I could at least have blamed the tiny cartridge, which I didn’t have a great deal of faith in anyway – rather than admit I missed a ‘sitter’ at 25 yards. I have told you because I don’t know you guys, but otherwise I don’t talk about it !!
About four years ago, in the last light of the day, my brother in-law executed a near perfect text book stalk on a very large Warthog whose back could be seen moving through the grass tops.
Getting himself in a rock steady shooting position, he sent the 165gr Hornady ripping through the air from the 308 Win, and down went the Warthog, who had cleverly disguised himself as a harmless lumbering Ant bear (Aardvark)!
I want to hasten to add that I was NOT guiding my brother in-law at the time.
A little tip for you all, it is very bad practice to look at game through your rifle scope if you have a round chambered, a very light trigger, new to hunting and the safety has come off. The poor little Duiker never knew what hit him ! I was busy lighting a smoke at the time, but then had to go get a change of underwear. What’s worse still is that Duiker were not ‘on the menu’, and half an hour earlier we were looking at Eland and Hartebeest – very lucky ! Strangely this guy was also using a .308 Win – does this mean anything ?
Ever noticed that when the fireside stories start, it’s uncanny how some people are suddenly thirsty and need to go to the kitchen or toilet or ……………!
Come on lets have a laugh, there must be more out there.
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