Leupold BX-4 Rangefinding Binoculars


I could maybe see that buck getting to 150 or close maybe. Top end Montana deer for sure on public. Worth burning a season over. My gut says 144 if I had to guess.

My first impression of this deer when I spotted him from a mile away was he was right around the 150 mark. Now that I’ve gotten a closer look I’m thinking pretty much the same thing. I’m usually within a couple inches judging deer but it’s possible the velvet is throwing me off a little as I’m usually judging hard horned deer. We turn up plenty of deer during rifle season that are bigger than this deer by far. For me the cool thing about this deer is where I found him, like I said in my original post I would probably pass on this deer in the usual areas we rifle hunt mule deer. Maybe a last day shooter or certainly a deer I would get my kids to shoot. But would I shoot this deer in velvet @ 7-8000ft in the mountains with a bow? In a second.

Bad news is where I originally turned him up I thought was only reachable by Walking in but it’s actually only about 1/4-1/2 mile to a two track trail that I’m sure is gonna be covered in hunters. My current plan is to put him to bed on the first then offer onx pins of elk locations to anyone walking down the trail in the morning to leave me alone. Lol.
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