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Savage 24F


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Mar 4, 2002
My son told me of a friend of his, that has a Savage model 24F for sals. It is about twenty years old, and in pretty good shap. It has the normal use dings on it, but it has not been shot much. It has a .223 barrel on top with a 12 gage on the bottom. He says about three boxes of .223, and about twenty boxes of 12 gage shells thru it. He is asking $200.00. Does that sound like a good deal? I'm thinking of useing it for a calling gun for my son.
John, I have a Savage Model 24C (Campers Companion). I had it since 1970 or 1971. Can't remember what it cost, but I checked in Blue Book and in mint condition it is worth $175.00. This Model came with a breakdown case, and is a .22 RF and a 20ga. shotgun. I also has a compartment in the stock butt plate that holds 2 shotgun shells and 10 .22 shells. Mine is in mint condition and bought it for trapping when I was young.

I would check in Blue Book or Gun digest and see its exact worth. Not saying it isn't worth $200.00, just stating that the .22 over 20ga. is worth about $175.00.


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i think blue book is only as important as availability. i havent seen many of these guns around here and always thought it would be neat to have.for 200 bucks i think i would be on it.
I bought my 24F i .223/12ga for $409 new, so $200 used sounds pretty good. They are good guns and the rifle is suprizingly accurate. Only issue I have with mine is the majority of the shotgun pattern hits 10-12 inches low at 40 yards (from the rifle hit).
If ya just remember to aim high, it works great.
Heck I would love to have one of those... for $200 bucks that isnt bad at all..... dad has a 22mag 20guage 3"mag that I love and it works well for varmits here in aaz

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