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Sage Grouse Round one!


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Apr 3, 2004
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We kicked but this week end! There were three of us, and we had plenty of shells!!! 18 sagehens,12 sharps, two doves, and a truck full of Bunny's. We had a great time!!!
Now that sounds like fun! I'll be chasing those 'dumb' birds in three weeks, unless I'm still trying to fill a deer tag in WY.
Holy sheet, 18 sage grouse. What are you going to do with that many crappy tasting birds? ;) I can hardly gt my dog to hold the birds in his mouth for vanity shots. :D

Have any pics of the carnage?
Try this for the your sage chickens.....
It's Ted Truebloods recipe. I've prepared this for some salty old Idahoans in chicken camp and they were all stunned.
Fillet the breast
cut into strips 1/2" thick lengthwise
place in ziploc bag with equal parts cooking oil and A1 Steak sauce.
Let sit overnight if possible (I've marinated for only a couple of hours)
Grill over hot fire til meat is medium to medium rare.
I think you'll be pleasantly suprised.
:eek: I have eaten them in every way known to man and the only way I can tolerate them is to make jerkey out of them, then we only use the breast.The easiest way I've found to use them is to make as many new friends as you can BEFORE going out then you give them all away to them, of course you need to make new friends each time (it only works once) and no I don't have pics, some things just shouldn't be recorded!
It's their diet that makes them taste so bitter. In some parts of the country where their diet is different, they are not as bitter.....but if you have to eat them, do as WallyDog recommends, marinate for at least 8 hours.....a couple hours would not be enough for me, epicurean that I am. ;)
Good haul of bird's ,sounds like fun.
Thats a good thing to know about cooking them ,I had no idea they tasted bad.
I will keep that info.
Steve shot a forest grouse (only thing that went down on are achery hunt) but it tasted great.
So it's the bird's that are eating more sage that taste bad?
Most grouse taste GREAT Ruft,blues,sharps, but the old sage hen is an exception. MOST of there diet is sage,in the summer they eat hoppers and some other greens
but most of the year it's SAGE so the older they are the more they taste like SAGE. Not to mention that you get a lot of bird like up to 10lbs!!!
C'mon D4570.....tell the truth now....just how many 10# sage grouse have you actually weighed? Even soaking wet and with a rock shoved down it's gullet, you would be hard pressed to find one that weighed 10 pounds.....7 to 8 lbs. at the most. I agree they are big suckers though. ;)
I agree they sometimes feel a lot bigger the biggest one that I had weighed was 7#9oz, it was a monster have shat a few that seemed right about that size .most seem to be bout 4-5 #

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