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Sabots vs. Full-Bore Conicals

Brian in Montana

Well-known member
Jan 20, 2017
Ramsay, MT
Just picked through the regs.
Any restrictions on muzzleloaders pertains to management areas which have weapon restrictions. Didnt bother to follow up with the Gallatin valley which I think falls under a weapon restriction zone.
I periodically hunt a BMA which states weapon restrictions "archery,shotgun,muzzleloader and traditional handgun". I interpret this as allowing any form/combination of muzzleloader hunting such as,in my case,an in-line with sabot.
I finally got around to looking this up in the regs. I believe you are entirely correct. The part on the all-lead bullets, etc. Is under weapons restriction area. In the section discussing the use of firearms, ML's included, there are no restrictions placed on the ammunition used. Good to know.

Gut Shot

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Mar 19, 2015
Banks of the Big Muddy
Generally, sabots are going to be lighter and shoot flatter, they might have less felt recoil. The downside is that they rely more on expansion during terminal ballistics since they have a smaller diameter and less weight.

It is really hard to argue with the hole that a 1/2"+ diameter chunk of lead makes, even if it doesn't expand or deform.