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Dec 10, 2000
Indianapolis, IN, United States
I just mounted my Rocker Chucker press, read through all the directions, ewven took a short lesson from my step-father on reloading but when I went to resize my first case, the case head didn't fit into the case head holder on the press.... what's up with that?

What intuitively obvious detail isn't that clear to me?

Thanks and please keep the chuckling to a low murmur...
Using the great amount of accumulated knowledge and vast experience that I am blessed with, I'd guess you have either the wrong case holder for the case you're trying to load, or you're trying to load the wrong case for the holder currently in the press....

Thanks for the insight Dan, that hadn't occured to me!

I didn't touch nothing, I swear! Does this thing come with multiple case head holders? Are they the black, "U"-shaped things in a plastic bag? If so, how do they attach?

Indy - I haven't anything to add, but I'm going to be following this thread with great curiosity.

I've never reloaded anything other than shotgun shells, but have recently re-kindled an interest in shooting handguns. At my present rate of ammo consumption, I figure it's only a matter of time before I have to start reloading to help pay for my newest hobby. Also have found .41Mag factory ammuntion is often hard to find as well as expensive.

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Indy, they are little U shaped things that are kind of round. They slip in and out with a snap ring on the bottom. Take a look on top of the ram.. (the thing that moves up and down when you pull on the handle) and you'll see a little part that rotates. This is the shell holder. If you look underneath it, there is a slot in the solid part of the ram. It probably goes to the left as you look at the press. If all you have is a U shaped thing that doesn't turn, then there is no shell holder installed. Find the shell holder that fits the case you are going to reload, and shove it in the slot. Be sure you have the snap ring in the right place.

No, no, no, no. Don't pack it down. Gently, ever so gently, seat the bullet on top of the powder filled case, then wrap with duct tape. If you experience headspace problems, add a twist of baling wire.

- rgl
Just wait till you stick a case...........Wait, am I the only one to ever do this?
Enjoy the ride, reloading has a big learning curve. As long as you fill out the log you can dulpicate anything you do, Even the mistakes

I'll bet you shoot twice as much as you ever have this year alone, COOL!
That was Funny Indy,

I still stick a case every now & then too.
I'm really not sure why, it kind of sneaks up on me. Its a mystery.
I load for 7 rifle calibers and the only one that sticks is the 270. Its OK though, I bought a spare die set for that one

Glad I could could amuse you, JB! Got the stuck 7MM case out last night. Have a couple of case holders on order and should be cooking with gas real soon. Got the scale balanced, the reloading table cleared and now I'm ready! Only restricted by my limited powder and primer types.... I'm sure I can find a good 180gr. Fail Safe load using H4381... or was it 4350? Will have to double check!
Don't you guys have a stuck case removal kit? There's a drill bit, a tap, a collar and an allen head screw in the kit. You drill through the primer pocket, thread the hole, the use the screw and the collar to pull the case. Works great. They cost about $17.00. Last for at least 15 years....

Don't have one of those... I just sprayed the stuck case/die with WD40, screwed it back into the press and yanked it free with a pair of channel locks!

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