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Road hunting


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Dec 12, 2000
Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Some folks really frown on this. I don't usually engage in this, but when its raining or when I've had the kids I've done it..... and I've taken some birds this way.

I much prefer to put some miles on in pursuit of the game, but what if you're driving out and see one standing on the road? Is this road hunting, or is it an exception?
Here in IL. it's illegal to shoot within 200 feet (I think , I'd have to check to be sure) of a road (doesn't include private roads) but they also have a clause about a motorized vehicle.
If I had shot all the birds I saw next to the road ,I'd have a freezer full.
What's the law up there in the U.P.?

Its kinda got a loophole in the law, if you will: You are allowed to shoot down, across, or directly off a road.... but you are not allowed to hunt from a motor vehicle.

The 'gray area' lies in the definition of hunting 'from a motor vehicle' and it is pretty hard to prove intent on this one.

Alot of people do drive around and I'd hate to see them change this law for the simple fact that if you're driving to a hunting spot and see a covey of birds on the way its nice to get out and lead chase on them.


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Yes, it's road hunting, but who cares? I would much prefer to be out in the woods when I shoot my breakfast, simply because that's where I like to spend my time. But if a grouse wants to sit there and let me shoot it, I usually won't let the opportunity pass. It's not quite hunting, more just shooting some grouse for breakfast. The laws around here say don't shoot from, upon or across a road, but I'm not sure if that applies to logging roads which can barely even be identified as roads in some places. Anyway, you can always step off the road. Shooting from a vehicle is plain dangerous. -al
The grouse in Utah tend to use the roadsides until early September and are easy to find. That is why the hunt starts later in September. Gives the broods a chance to get back into the forest. I often use the presence of road birds as an indication the area would be good for a quick walk through. I've put a good number of birds in the freezer this way, Blues and Ruffs.
Buffalo, the birds here do the same thing until about the first of October. Our season opens Sept 1st.

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Yea i've done it too,it's hard to find anyone up here that does'nt. I enjoy walking when it's nice out but if it's raining or i'm just going to camp i'll ground swat em. The big thing the dnr frowns on is "shooting" out of the vehicle,my buddy is deaf and the only way he gets grouse is to shoot em off the road. Here is his story from last fall....

He was driving down a gravel road going to his camp last oct. and saw a grouse under a spruce tree on his side of the road,so he pulls over,loads the shotgun and puts a stalk on it. Well he gets close and sees the birds head moving around so he puts the bead on it and fires POOOF the bird explodes into about 10 pieces!! What the hell he's thinking when he happens to see out of the corner of his eye a c/o running down the road waving his arms and apparently yelling,yep it was a radio controlled decoy
The c/o saw my buddy get out and go after the bird so he yelled "hey,don't shoot that bird" but to no avail. Needless to say the c/o was a little pissed but he did'nt do anything about it,and my buddy left for camp. Before he left he wrote a note saying "sorry i shot your dummy"
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Timberking.... that was a funny story!

It is actually a FELONY in Michigan to discharge a firearm from a motor vehicle. You can thank all the punk hoodlums committing drive-by shootings in Detroit for this law. In no way am I condoning hunters shooting from a vehicle, but on the same token I don't think it should be a felony!

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i am not a real fan but after a rainstorm you have better chance of finding birds on the road than actually hunting their is a lot of backroads where i live that i run by dogs on to keep them in shape and after a rainstorm you can really get into the birds.
If they fly or run into the brush I may put one of my dogs out and let her work, depends on the area. Timberking, I've got land about 20 miles west of you, have you had enough snow yet this winter?

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