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Jun 29, 2003
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Has anyone thought of using a remote control car/truck with a fur on it as a decoy? That would be cool. I have thought about putting one together after football is over.


Randy Anderson and his partner did that on the Verminator video. They got some great film footage of a bobcat coming after the furry little remote control car. Let us know how it works for you.

Sounds like it would work, if you can find a remote car with out the noise.

But I can't help but come back to the same thought. By the time a predator gets close enough to see a decoy, he is in easy rifle range. Why not just shoot him then, and use the extra time making another stand?
Tim....Why are you so damned logical and simplistic about your concepts on calling predators? Don't you know, so many nowdays want to add "another element","another distraction","a longer shot window" to their calling experience.
We are dinosaurs my friend. We methodically head out to good habitat, slip quietly to a stand location, use simple distress sounds, kill the coyotes that come, then move down the road and repeat as often as necessary or desireable.
We need to alter our approach, next time we go out, Im bringing some horn howlers,practice up on the myraid of manifold vocalizations,(lone howl,interrogation howl,challenge howl,group yips and yaps and all the rest) collect a truck load of decoys,(enticers,rigor rabbits,feather flexs'and what ever else is out there) and we are gonna do it using the "new technique"!!!
Ive got a radio controled car we can use, stretch some fur over it,and Im thinking maybe mount a small servo controled miniture rifle barrel on top along with a small micro video camera....imagine the fun we can have with that set-up!!!
On second thought........hell, lets just go out and call a couple of coyotes the same tired old way we've been doing it huh
Lol, yep....we kill em the old fashion way. Kinda simple, don't take alot of brains, that's why I can do it. Who wants to watch a little fury car running through the sage with a coyote in hot pursuit. I'd rather see a little 55 gr bullet in hot pursuit of a coyote.
I've got a horn Howler! I keep it in my black day pack. It's the one set up for shooting coyotes at long range. I keep it there with my range finder. But we probably ought to leave the range finder in the bag. It was pointed out to me today that according to another board, I'm some kind of slob and degenerate for shooting coyotes more than 40 yards away. Hell, at least I can hit them. I thought one shot unassisted kills was the desired affect.

Let me get this deer thing out of the way, and we'll go try again.

I got to watch two separate coyotes working this morning. One was mousing, and the other was stalking some Sandhill Cranes. Neither one of them knew I was there.
Vic, you forgot to mention the "Magic Mist", you old dinasaur.

Good hunting. LB
Air Dorks and Flying Kites

Oh boy! To think somebody would try to tell us that "Flying Kites" would bring in coyotes. You could get them in Crows or Hawks or whatever. The real kicker was to tie them on the end of your fishing line and let them play out with the rod and reel.
So, where are all the kites today?

Now the military has guns that will shoot 90 degrees around a corner. Doesn't get much better than that for calling coyotes.

How about "heat seeking" devices to warn you on a stand when the coyote is coming. Better yet we all need an electric remote controlled helicopter with video cam to scan the horizon for coyotes.

Now, some are telling us that "Air Dorks" are the way to go!
Yeah, right! When "Air Dorks Fly" or "In an Air Dorks Ass." Take your pick.

Let us not forget, the name of this game, is to use your calling skills to bring that predator within good shooting range. You do not need any fancy gadgets to do that.
biggrin.gif way, I might leave the howlers and decoys and kites and electric cars back home in the closet of useless artifacts....but I do always have a nose spray bottle of the "magic mist" in my camo stool zippered compartment, thats one of maybe two tricks Ive gleaned in the half dozen or so years Ive been reading this online trash
Bala, hhhhmmmmmmm, is that "magic mist", well is that what the guys refer to as "Canadian Mist"? Maybe I have been spraying the wrong stuff in the air???? NO, don'tell me after all these years I was supposed to drink that stuff and not spray it in the wind!
That's very kind of you to say so, Vic. Leonard's Magic Mist is a damned hard concept to explain, for some reason?

Bruce, at our little event: don't leave your drink unattended, boys will be boys. LB
Leonard, I am more concerned about my coat and sleeping bag. That drink, well, I can take good care of that.

Danny, you are a hell of a lot older than I am.
Now watch Danny try to figure this out.
May be some one should put a camera in a radio controlled air plane and do you don't wast time were there ain't no coyotes.
GET a patten on that baby and make a fortune.

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