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Rechambering a .308


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Dec 31, 2002
Southern Oregon Coast
Can someone tell me if it is possible to rechamber my .308 to one of the 300 short mags. I aquired this Ruger77 MK II in trade for some computer work I did but I have no use for a .308 Win.
Brokfut, It can be done if the bolt face is large enough to be opened. The chamber will clean up completely so that should not be a problem. As I recall, Ruger uses the same bolt body for magnums as they do for non-magnums, so that should work also.

It should be a good project.

I should work fine, but... You may also have some feeding rail issues and follower problems due to the cases being a lot bigger around. I would bet you will be into the "project" an easy $200-250... Depending on the condition of the gun, you should be able to sell it for $300-350 pretty easy. Add the smith fees in and you would be money ahead to just get a new one... but that wouldn't be any fun would it! I'm looking at doing a similar project. Turning a 30-06 into a 300WM... I will have to have the bolt face opened up too, but no rechambering just screw on the new tube.

I figure its going to cost me around $200 for my project. I'm still undicided with this one. I can go buy a new one for what I will have into it... but it's not any fun to be practical!
I would take it to the local gun store and trade it for a used 300wsm. There are just too many things that would need to be done to make it work. Most Gunsmiths that I've talked to have about a similar project that I wanted to do to a Remington 700 VLS have told me that they would have to open up the bottom of the reciever and the bolt face, the ruger extractor claw would have to be reworked and a new floor plate ?!?(you know the piece of metal on top of the spring in the magazine) installed cause the old one is made for the .308 family of cartridges.
They have also said that the rifles that have been converted to the WSM cartridges have problems feeding and the second year rifles are the best because the bugs have been worked out.

I'd get a new one. I've droped the idea of converting the Remington.

Yah, I'm thing just get a new one and get rid of the 308. For a stock factory rifle it sure wares some pretty wood though. Might just keep it for show and tell.
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