Re:Crossing the line. This is it!!

That is just pathetic. Only a sick person could possibly get any satisfaction out of something like that. But it does not surprise me...after all, it's in Texas.
According to Washington hunter in another post, As long as the animal Is Free Ranging it's OK. So If he Backs it (Which it doesn't look like he is, And I really wonder why not ?!?!?) But, If they are "FREE RANGING" and not "FENCED, then it's "REAL HUNTING"

Ohh incase ya didn't catch it....

MAybe I need to do it again ....

What they do in Texas really doesn't concern me, especially when it comes to those exotic species. I just feel sorry for the pathetic idiot who would pay money to sit at home on the computer and kill one of these "wild" exotics. I am sure these are not free ranging animals either, Moosie. Are you gonna give it a try? Sounds like some good entertainment for the off season.
AWESEOME! Is there a full-auto mode? I didn't see it. This is all the reason to get good DSL. Just think how much more effective of a hunter it will make me.

I'm sure there is some bedridden disabled person that's last wish is do something this worthwhile. Where's Slydog?

I love the disclaimer they have...

"Special arrangements can be made to have other exotic species available on the ranch during your scheduled hunting session. Some examples include American Bison, Elk, Kudu, Gazelle, Addax and Zebra. Texas is unique in it’s ability to provide hunters the opportunity to find big game animals from all over the world. In most cases we are able to locate a specific species and have it on the ranch if you desire. Unfortunately we can not provide any animal that is on the endangered / threatened species list."

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So now to be a REAL Hunter you have to turn off our computers, and go out into the cold wet woods
Hell this would have saved me $8000

Just when I was this close to be a really hunter

It sure looks like its for real. Its computer hunting. It says its $1000/shot, hit or miss. Auto mode would be expensive Greenhorn.

Crossing the line? What line, the PETA line, the feclnlogner line, huh? Apparently its legal or they wouldn't be doing it as a business.

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The species listed as available are aoudad, blackbuck, oryx, corsican, mouflon, and wild hog. Those are not in B&C or P&Y as far as I know. What ethical line applies here Washington Hunter? Isn't it legal hunting and personal? Maybe an exotic record book ethics code, if they wanted to put it in a record book.
You're right Tom, it only crosses my line of what is ethical, not necessarily everyone would feel the same way. It's just that when I try to imagine what type of person it would take to get their jollies from something sick like this, all I can think of is somebody like Timothy McVeigh.
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