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Man, if you are a dedicated waterfowler with money in your pocket, that is the place to go. I've heard nothing but good about the younster who runs the place....Erik Guggenheim.
Well, I found this web page, is that the one, you are talking about?

Its way up north, compared to where I am, so I can't easily go check it out and I haven't been there, if that is the one. Its about a 9 hour drive I bet, from here. I keep wanting to go up there somewhere for Canada geese somewhere and haven't done it yet. Not that many make it this far south, although about 2 million waterfowl winter to the southwest of Houston. They are mostly snow geese, specklebelly, and Ross and blues and ducks. A few lesser Canada geese make it this far south.

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That web page talks about their hog hunt some and has some neat pictures. Hog hunting at night with a bow would be a little different set up than normal with a bow, but well worth it to get them. Pick a high moonlight time to go, I say.
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