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Mar 2, 2002
Lone Star State
Do you guys hunt rabbits? If so doyou use dogs or just flush them and what cal. do you use. I like useing my .22 cal and spot light on my ATV.
Here in Ct. we can't hunt them after dark so no lights. I walk overgrown fields and old cuttings and stomp brush to flush them, then try to hit them with a 12 gauge. I hate it when I get them in the butt at close range, ruin alot of good meat. I love eating rabbit. The biggest problem I have now is that all the good old places I hunted as a kid are now all housing developements.There are still a few good places around though. I usually carry a custom Ruger Super Single Six while hunting and pop em with that if I catch em sitting.
Now where's Bugs? :D :D :D
I grew up hunting rabbits. We have always used beagles. there are usually four to eight of us that go on a regular basis, and these are guys I started hunting with when I was very small. we have had up to ten dogs hunting at the same time. You ever want to hear some sweet timber music just listen to ten beagles all running the same rabbit at the same time. :D :D :D

I use an old A-5 Browning that I have been hunting rabbits with since I was ten years old. I have tried a few other guns in my time but always come back to the old Browning.
Snite i bet that is one heck of a song too, ten of them boys at onetime. wow :eek: that would be great, never hunted them with dogs that sounds great.
I was raised down in the boondocks just a few miles from Snite, if you ever get the chance Sniper go see him about rabbit season. He is in one of the best areas in the state for them bunnies.
A friend and I hunted them around Mackey Id. In the late seventees with 22's. I havent hunted the little buggers since. But as with everything else. I will probably be chasing the furry little beasts with a 12ga. Or get a few during bow season chasing antalope. The are kinda hard to get w/the spot and stalk method if I remember right. But whats life without a challange....
66 is right.Aint nuthin like a pack a beagles on a winter mornin singin the old sweet song.If your a hound lover,it can dam near bring tears to your eyes. :D Sure do love the old 870 rem 12 ga.It'll reach out and touch em. ;)
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