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Question about Coues deer...UPDATE


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Dec 4, 2013
Decatur, OH
My dad and I drew our rifle tags for the December 1-10 hunt in a unit we hunted archery a few years ago. We saw lots of bucks with some rut activity while we were there. My question is; is it likely that the deer will still be in the general area? I know rut activity is unlikely but I am not that familiar with coues deer behavior outside of thebrut since that is the only opportunity I have had to hunt them. With dad being 78..albeit a very robust and healthy 78..our goal is just a representative buck for him. I really don't care if I fill my tag but I would like to see him get his. Thank you in advance.
In my limited experience, Coues maintain relatively small territories compared to other deer sub-species and won't move very far, even seasonally. With those dates (3rd season I assume?), the bucks should be hanging in the thick stuff, and just starting to get a little curious about does toward the last few days of the hunt. The AZ Coues I killed last year was chasing does around recreationally when I shot him. That was December 13th, and there was a decent cold snap (light dusting of snow on the ground, mid-30's) which may have played a part.

Good luck! Enjoy the hunt.
My early December tag 4 years ago found mixed groups in the same general areas. Not really a significant amount of rutting behavior. Deer popped up in the same places over and over, though.
I got a tag for the same dates. I expect little to no rut activity, but i am hunting basically the border. find a good glassing spot and sit tight. Don't move. These things are not like mule deer. they will be moving around all day.
Still trying to get one for dad but I tagged out the 2nd morning on this buck at 275 yards. I wasn't picky for my first one, just wanted a legal buck. We decided to bring my son along for the trip. He's getting a different sort of education this week! We've been seeing a lot of deer with one buck a little bigger that mine that has given us the slip a couple times. Already a success even without the harvest with the time my son and dad have gotten to spend together. Wish dad some luck for the rest of the hunt if you will!


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Well we never did get another chance of getting dad a buck. Some of the forks and spikes that we passed on the first day would have looked pretty good on the last! We had a great time nonetheless. We left the hunting area a day early to go to the Grand Canyon and we were sure glad we did. No pics I've saw are like the experience of walking up to the rim in person. Absolutely stunning!


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