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PUT up, or SHUT up Montana girls !!


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Alright, Roumor has it These Montana boys know ELK... I'm calling BS !! I've seen a Elk or two from Greeny, So He's OK in my book, Weekend Warrior posted one too... And the simple fact that he found a Chick that weighed 489Lb's to pack him and his elk out MAKES him cool in my book.....

But what about the newbies... ALL talk and no pics... PUT up OR SHUT UP.... It's alright to have fun on the NET, but season opens here next week for me and I want to see a picture or two.
Ok Ill post a photo of the yettys tremendous bull. How do you post a photo. I have them saved as a J-peg. Anyway I cant post mine but its a nice little one. Like I said youll be seeing it soon.
Moosie, dont worry, sometimes after a long hike with no water, food, OR SUCCESS i sometimes get down too. Being tied down to one sheep has the same effect. Thats why i like a lot of variety, heres link to something i bagged this year.....

edited by Calif. Hunter - it's funny - but that's why we have a password on the adult jokes forum. You can go there and see the picture RockyDog has posted there if you have the password.
Cali I thought the same thing when I saw the link.I was going to edit out as well... so I logged out and went to view as a guest it wouldnt let me view it.

its not a password have to have your permission box check to get inside it...

So I think the link was ok...

which would you prefer , this years archery bull elk Montana or the Idaho ?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wait on second thought If i posts pics,Mrs. moosie will come to Montana wanting to become Mrs. 280 and I would hate to break up a happy home
Either Spike will work 280 .. :rolleyes:

No worries on the wife leaving me, I'd be willing to take that chance :cool:

(HORN SEEKER, HOPE ya bag a BIG UN !! Good luck !!)
It musta been Yellowstone Park.. because that's the only National Park in which I shoot herds of bull elk. Actually, I bait them in and blow them down at night with a spotlight, then cut off the heads. I usually also sprinkle a little strychnine on the headless carcasses for the wolves, grizzlies, sage grouse, trumpeter swans, passanger pigeons, etc.

And I'm not from Butte, shit4brains.

Don't you have some tires to be putting on your trailer's roof?

REMEMBER this place ?!?!?


For more Clarity.. I zoomed in a little to help show the picture....He hunts right where the CROSS is on this map ;)


I know ALL of Greeny's Spots.. this is just the "ONE" that he let slip once so I felt I can share with you guys.... THE rest will cost ya !!! ;)
lol,,,well boys I would like to continue this dance but I will be heading east tonight, I have a 700 lope tag to fill, I will stop at the Outdoorsman in Butte to check out the legendary greenhorn`s stories
700 lope tag... I was in Montana 1 day and saw a live #5 P&Y Lope.... You'd think being the "CHIT" you claim to be and living there, you coud smoke one in a day and make book :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

YOU bringing your trailer (HOUSE) with ya this trip ? Hope you secured the permits this time :eek: :eek: HAHA !!
Shit4brains.. good luck on the antleope. Don't ruin the shocks on your truck while making the ol V8-sneak on your mighty 12-incher.

Like I said, ol toothless one... I'm not from Butte, and have never heard of the Outdoorsman. Is that a gay bar you frequent where you can get some burly Irish mechanics check your plumbing?
here's a montanie elk from last year to get you guys ready---chris
<A> HREF="
:D :D Cool Chris!
Guided or by yourself?

I have only rifle hunted Colorado and it was guided. It turned out I had a better game eye than my guide!
I think my next will be self and maybe even archery, not sure yet!

Very nice ELK!
Those babys sure do take up alot of room on the wall though :D
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