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Preseason scouting


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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
Tonight my dad and I decided to go do some scouting for archery season where he used to hunt 20 years ago. We were kinda bummed to see that there was cows all over where he used to hunt so we kept going. We reached a fork in the road and I told him to go left. We only went about 400 yards before we found a sign that said no motorized vehicles beyond that point so we stopped the quad and started to glass. I was looking through my binoculars when I spotted a doe. I tryed to get a better look around her but couldn't find any other deer so we only sat there for another five minutes or so. It was starting to get cool and we didn't have jackets so we decided to head back for the truck. About half way there my dad stopped where we could glass some clearings on the opposite hill. He instantly found a deer about 600 yards away. After checking it out through the spotting scope we were confident it was a doe. He was just about ready to go when he decided to check one last clearing. He was lookin at the clearing with his binoculars while I was lookin in some on the right side of the mountain. All of a sudden I heard him say "Oh my God, that's the biggest buck I have ever seen!!" He showed me where to look so I looked through my binoculars at this clearing and there in the middle of it was a total giant. He set up the spotting scope and started sizing him up. After looking at the buck for close to half an hour we figure he is close to, if not over 30 inches wide and about 24-26 inches tall. He has either 6 or 7 points on the right side while his left side only has 4 or 5 that we could see. I would have taken pictures but this buck was over 1000 yards away. This buck is truly a giant and I live in California so you California boys will know that this kind of buck is very rare. Too bad archery season doesn't open for two more weeks, oh well we are going to check on him a few more times and camp at the bottom of the mountain come opening day of archery season. So hopefully with a little luck that buck will still be there and we will get a shot at him.
Good luck to ya on that Buck!! Hopefully thats not in a high pressure area and doesnt make him go nocternal early in the season. I always say a little preseason scouting can pay off big on opening day....Hopefully for you it does!! ;)

There is not a lot of pressure at all. He is in some nasty country, kinda like a big muley would be in. The place we saw him MIGHT have one other guy hunting. We are going to chase him with a bow since we are leaving opening day of rifle season. We are going back out tonight with a camera, if we see him I'll try to take a picture through the spotting scope. I'll update you later this evening. And thank's for all the encouragment, I hope we get him too. If killed with a bow, there is a good possiblilty he will be in the top 3.
Well we went out lookin for Mr. Big again last night but couldn't find him. But I did find the buck I am going to try and take with a bow. He has been hanging out in my dad's girlfriend's back yard so I have been tossing apples and pears out for them to eat. One of the bucks that hangs out there is atleast a 4x3 and he's about 16-18" wide and about the same tall. The other buck is a 3x3 and is about the same size, maybe a little smaller. I found a place in the trees where I can hide with a bow and if they walk by I can arrow them at an easy 15 yards. Danr...These are all blacktail, if I kill that 4x3 he might make book, if not he would be just a little short. I'm not positive but I think you only need a buck that nets 90 inches with a bow in California.
TK, Good goin'! I can see you've got this all figured out! I feel sorry for the buck already---he's a goner for sure!
Well the two bucks came back again!! The one is a 3x2 about 16" wide, and the other is a 4x3 about 18" wide. I took 3 pictures of them but they aren't the best. I should have them uploaded either tonight or tomorrow. Now the fun part, waiting until August 17.
Well here they are...

Here's a picture of the two bucks. The 4 point is on the right and his little buddy the 3 point is on the left. Sorry for the blurry picture!!


Here's one of the 4 point, you can't see his 4th point but it's off of his G2 on the right side. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!!

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TK thanks for the pictures and the update.Your bow season starts August 17??If so thats in just a few days man,they'll still be around if thats the case. :D :D
Good pictures TK.
Best of Luck to you .
Next time we see one of these deer I sure hope you are in the picture with it.
Do you have a tree stand up or will you be on the ground?
It sounds like your hunting season will be a good one.
Are those red tags in the left deer's ears in the first pic? ;) :D (Also, be careful about what you post - if you're in Calif, it's illegal to bait the deer with fruit.... unless, of course,they are depredating your crops!)
Well there goes this update, thaks a lot Calif. Hunter, I was going to say that I have them eating carrots out of my hand now but you had to go and ruin my fun!!! :D :D I haven't seen them again but then again I haven't been here to look, been busy with friends enjoying my last few days of summer vacation. Will update later.
Hey guys, can we back up a minute to the first deer TK saw. I don't recall ever hearing of a blacktail that was 30 inches wide. Isn't that very unusual? As in record book unusual? I think I would spend some time looking for that rascal. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyone know for sure?

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