Preseason scouting so far...


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Jan 15, 2003
Out West
I've been scouting a bit for pronghorn and much of the habitat looks better than last year, which is good, but 19A still looks awful. This is what I've seen so far:

Unit 7: 7 bucks, 13 does, 3 fawns

Unit 9: 1 buck, 8 does, 1 fawn
(All east side)

Unit 10: 29 bucks, 55 does, 13 fawns

Unit 18A: 12 bucks, 43 does, 5 fawns
(Mostly in Markham)

I've scouted other units like 19A, 17B, 7M and such, but I didn't keep any records of what I saw. I've seen one buck that I think will go around 88-4/8 right now and one around 87-4/8. I've seen several in the 82 to 84 inch range as well.

Also, I looked in the AZG&F Survey and saw that they surveyed 11 bucks in unit 7 and that there are 50 buck tags in unit 7. Am I seeing things?

Oh, and Delw...any time you're ready to post your big buck pics feel free...