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Jul 7, 2001
I thought I would share a picture of a pronghorn I killed last year. It was my first antelope kill and I had to use unconventional methods to get the job done.

While mapping some prairie dog towns I saw the dust flying about 1/2 mile away. With some glassing I saw that it was an antelope buck rolling around in the middle of the town. Seemed a little strange, so I got a closer look. It was obvious this guy was in poor shape and I could get to within 20 yards before he would get up and charge at me. The only problem was he could only go about two strides before he would fall over again. This happened about half a dozen times before I finally got close enough to whack him with a wooden fence post. At that point I was able to finish him off with the "handy" leatherman.

This all occurred during the rut, but there were no signs of injury. It is my thought this guy had hemorrhagic disease since it was active at the time. I don't remember the exact score, but I think it was around 79" or 80". BTW, I had received the OK to put this animal down from proper authorities.

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Wow, you're a regular caveman! Talk about a primative weapon. You put all those guys with new-fangled longbows to shame! :D

Dang, that is one nice lope.
What is the muzzel energy of the fence post ? And the trajectory ?
And to think, I wasted my time hunting with a .270 and shooting a goat smaller than that.
This guy came from south Phillips Co. I could have driven home and grabbed the bow since it was during the archery season, but I guess that would have been unethical. :( Hope to get an opportunity on a healthy one this fall.
That's a nice goat. Good going!! I looked in the regs again and still can't find where a fence post is a leagal hunting weapon!!! :D

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