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Prairie Dogs


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Mar 12, 2001
Does any body hunt prairie dogs(gophers)?
where I'm from I love to shoot these things,there is millions of them.I can shoot off hundreds of rounds a day at these things.I use my bow most of the time ,but it is always nice to let a few rounds of lead go flying there way!!!
Wtail-I was wondering who the early bird was over here!
We shoot em alot here in Wyoming. We have millions of them here too. Good target practice. bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes


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I love to shoot p-dogs. Ive shot them with everything from full autos(never hit one) to a bow. the 50 bmg was fun but the best was a 12gauge rifled slug in a group or 5 or so. Ive olny killed one with bow and lost my arrow once I saw all the fleas on it.
Az use to have a big population of p-dogs but the game and fish dept and animals rights wacko's decided to put ferrets in one of the best places in az so there is no hunting there now.
As A matter of fact thats how I met danr55 about 12-15 years ago.
az still has some decent populations for p-dogs but you just have to find them and not tell a soul, cause of you do there wont be one left.

I have the buggers in my meadow in northern AZ. We shoot them every now and then with rifles and bows. Not too much with the bows as they do carry nasty diseases here in AZ. Lots of towns in northern AZ. But like Dewl said the more that know the less that are left. Felt real bad one time when some friends and I were in a large town shooting for about four hours and the dogs were not coming up anymore. We were leaving and ran into a group of shooters from Utah that were looking for that particular dog town. We had to show them another nearby town so they wouldn't go home empty handed.
We opened PD season here in NM two weeks ago. I hold off on the big towns until June but have several towns where the ranchers are bothered by them enough that they will poison them if not shot and also some in small alfalfa, so we take dogs out early from these towns. I would be out today except for cold. clouds and wind. We normally shoot with .223's but also go w/ 22-250's and .243's when the shots get long (like on a circle of alfalfa) or the wind is bad. I use a .17 and hornet some also in built up areas. I am a farmer, so I know a lot of ranchers. I have exculsive rights on a lot of ranches, but don't have time to shoot them all. Well, maybe tomorrow will be nice and I can pop a few. Enjoy!

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