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Postin Pics Moosie Style.....


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
I think it is more like what we wont see :D ;)
without a HuntTalk HAT on

Another Tennessee *DINK*......


<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 11-27-2002 17:03: Message edited by: FLIPPER ]</font>
Flipper - besides not wearing the hat, you have to sit waaaay back and stretch your arms waaaay out to make that rack look bigger. ;)
Of course, his Montana bull needs no such trick photography. :D
Del it is in all the other pics and decals too. :D

I killed this buck in my front yard...nearly nekkid :eek: I had on long underwear house shoes and no shirt.

There was a doe across the field feeding under a oak tree, a little 4 pt [2x2] walking acroos the field, 3 does 50 yards in front of my house, eating persimmons and up walks this 8 pt [4x4] towards the does. I shot him at about 70 yards with that LONG range NEW rifle of mine :rolleyes:

Since I have owned this Browning A-bolt 300WSM, I have killed 4 deer at 7 1/2 feet, 20 yards, 80 yards and 70 yards.
I tried to get him to put his huntting attire on, but on i think he must be feared ya'll might see something. :D I told him we could win sum hunttalk dollars. :D ;) are ALWAYS into a NEKKID pic :D :D

Looks like thats all it takes to get you to post anymore......mention NEKKID pics
Flipper, did Daughter of Flipper finally get to see her Daddy shoot a deer, or did you stiff her? Another nice one!
Yes Darren...Alexis got to see it :D :D :D

She made a fist put her hand in the air and said, "YEAH BABY"....I think I have turned my 3 year old into a KILLER.
Hooray! Kids are great. My 1-year-old already gets excited, starts jumping, and says "Dee! Dee! Dee!" every time he sees a deer (or moose or elk
) on TV. The 4-year-old enjoys looking for tracks in the woods with Daddy. Ah, the good life. :D
Looks like three comming up the ranks soon that will be outdoing their dads..We wait for the day...LOL... :D :D :D
FLIPPER bud, IS that a bit-of grey hair ? ;) MAybe next time wear the hat .. HEHHEHE

LOOKS like you're stacking them DEAP over there !!! That would be cool to be able to shoot more then one a year. MAybe someday I can :confused:

CONGRATS on the cool season you guys back east are having !!!!
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